Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silicone Stamp - How to..

Have you used silicone stamp before? 
They function like any other stamps you might have tried, the only thing you need to remember is, unlike rubber stamps where you stamp with all your might to get the design perfectly stamped onto paper, with silicone stamp you need to be gentle and not put too much pressure when stamping as it might cause the ink to spread and distort the pattern.. 

*click the picture to animate*

Here's a simple how to:

1. You will need silicone stamp and a clear stamper 
2. Peel a desired design from the sheet - For first time use, the design might be unyielding and may require some pressure to remove from the sheet 
3. Mount the design on the clear stamp - Unlike rubber stamp, you do not need to fix it permanently onto the mount, and no glue is required
4+5 Stamp away - Try it out on a test area before you stamp onto the desired place, remember that not much pressure is needed
*To change design, wipe the design with tissue for excess ink, remove it from the clear stamper and place it back onto the sheet and repeat step 2 to 5 

I have listed the silicone stamp in the shoppe if anybody's interested.    

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