Sunday, February 12, 2012

ABC Quilt... the 2nd

Do you remember the first ABC quilt I made more than 2 years back? You can read about it here and here

My friend who commissioned it the first time is commissioning it again for the second time for her baby girl. It has to be said, Mabel (my old college friend) has been one of my most avid supporter from the beginning of my crafting career. 

I am truly honoured that my handmade quilt will be part of Annabel's childhood as the first quilt is with Matt's *tears* 

To date I have completed the top (minus the border), and let me tell you that second time around is a charm.. 

I was a mess during every step for the first quilt, but with the size, template and pattern all ready and figured out, I managed to get the top completed rather swiftly. 

I still did lament about the fabric combination and arrangement. This time around I have enough space to lay everything out to arrange and rearrange, I even left everything out for days and came back to view it with a fresh perspective. 

Once the placement of the square base fabrics were confirmed, I started working on the alphabets, with the first quilt, I still hadn't discovered the wonder of a rotary cutter, so everything was drawn on the fabrics and cut out with a pair of scissors.    

This time around I added a light weight interfacing behind every alphabet before sewing them onto the square base fabric. I am more confident with the applique and managed quite well around corners remembering to pivot very slowly.

Will start working on the border and the back in a week's (or two) time.. Will keep you posted on the progress..  

*Further reading:
1. Sew Mama Sew - Simple Machine Applique
2. - Tips for machine applique 

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Suzie said...

Suka pink-pink ni

NYKOLETT said...

suka projek besor-besor nih!

Nik kamisah said...

wahh..your abc quilt is really i wish i can do it one day.

Mila@Rimbun said...

terasa mcm nak nyanyi2 mcm budak tadika.. ABCDEFG hihi.
Cantiklah.. nampak pinky, nice colour combination

fana said...

nk order!

strat said...

Designs are colorful and looking fantastic.

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