Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eat your GREENS

Do you like eating vegetables? What's your favourite?  I LOVE veges, but I cannot for the life of me eat brussel sprout (very bad memories of being served blanched brussel sprouts as a student in the UK in my early twenties..yucks!!)  

As consuming vegetables might be daunting for some, making it yummy and irresistible is the key *grin* 

Here's a very simple how to..
1. Boil potatoes (with skin) until a fork can go through when you prick into it. Peel the skin and dice.
2. Cut some carrots and broccoli (you can use other vegetables as well like capsicum, radish, baby corn). Put in bowl with a bit of water, cover with sling film and microwave for a couple of minutes. You can blanch the vegetables if you prefer not to microwave. 
Mix 1 and 2 and add some ground pepper if you want.    
Here's the best part...
3. Add hot water to 3 spoonfuls of Knorr instant chicken gravy mix (I got my 1kg pack from Tesco, you can even get the meat gravy mix). Stir and it's ready.. *wide grin* or.... you can make your own gravy sauce. If I spend that much time in the kitchen, I'm sure you'll be reading MyBotanG cooking blog instead.. hehehehe  
As easy as 1,2,3... Just pour over your potato vege salad before eating. It is totally tasty. My 8 year old prefers the salad to the pizza.. honestly!!
Give it a try!! 
Do you have any other simple and easy vege recipe? Do share.. 
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MamaDaniel said...

WOW.. resepi yg menarik.. kena survey kat tesco for the gravy.. sbb tak pernah jumpa (boleh?) hehehe..
Saya selalunya sup sayur je la.. hehe.. mama yg rajin kan.kan.kan.. \(*.*)/

Jessica said...

I love to eat cooked (or semi-cooked) vegetables. I can't eat greens in raw form, as if I am a goat chewing grass.

Shaz Clozet said...

the pizza look delicious hehe..i'm a vege eater myself..will definitely try this recipe :)

Emy Ahmad said...

sedapnyerrr..lapar pulak tibe2 -__-

MyBotanG said...

easy, fast yet healthy - my motto in the kitchen *grin*

Do give it a try ladies!!

anna said...


anna said...

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liyana said...

picture dalam blog akak makin lama makin cantek lah~~

k, sebenar nyer nak ckp pizza akak looks yummy ^__^

Zura said...

Yummy! I love veggies and haha I actually love Brussel Sprouts ekekeke...especially boiled and serve with some butter alamak lapar la pulak hehe...


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