Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bitten by the crocheting bug

I started crocheting again (not that I'm good at it or anything) but it seems like the logical thing to do on cold and chilly days in December. It keeps your mind active in a stationary position.

I picked up crocheting using the books you see in the picture.
I wrote a review on one of the books here.   

I attempted something bigger than my usual mini flower motif this time (as in the picture above). It turned out quite all right for a beginner like me (I think) but I still can't seem to get the tension right *sigh* 

I use my completed projects (the better ones) to embellish bags and pouches

For better crocheting experience visit MisFydKrafts
Read more about crochet here

On a totally different note, here are a couple of pictures of us here in Kyoto.
 Us amongst the bamboo forest
Sofea and I

December will soon end, have you started reevaluating your year and making plans for the year to come..?? Pin It


MamaDaniel said...

mmg cantik.. buat book mark pun cantik.. :) saya rasa benang crochet yang halus ni mmg payah sikit.. tapi bila dah biasa nanti, hasilnya mmg cantik.. saya masih selesa dgn benang yang tebal sikit sbb saya budak masih belajar.. hehe... :) keep on crocheting tau cik sue..

MisFyd said...

Agree with MamaDaniel =) Ganbarou!!

Even Fyd pun jarang nk guna thread compare to thicker yarn...sbb selesa ngn yarn tebal skit...

But if nk bat doilies & lace mmg sesuai guna benang halus =D

Don't worry too much about tension sbb lain org lain skit although pakai jarum & benang sama... if rasa tk puas ati dgn outcome cuba tukar size jarum...just need try & practice je :)

BTW thanks for the link!

MyBotanG said...

Mama Daniel and MisFyd - thanks for sharing your ideas with me.. so better use thicker yarn ek.. will try to look for them next time i'm in 100yen shop.. heheh
and thanks ladies for the nudge, though i only get the crocheting bug like once a year during the winter season, i'll try to practice more :)

mast@work said...

kak su, ye.. saya dah selesai resolusi thn ni.. 99% tercapai.. hehehehe

tahun depan azam lebih kuat laie..

Jessica said...

I have some crocheting books, bought long time ago, but have yet to start, sigh..

Jessica said...

It was good for you that the cold weather makes you start crocheting. Perhaps I will start it when Malaysia is snowing.

Mila@Rimbun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mila@Rimbun said...

never done any crocheting yet... may be some other day... like Jessica said.. when Malaysia is snowing hehehe

MyBotanG said...

Mas - sugoi!! hope the new year brings you and your family many joy and happiness (sounds like a hallmark card...;)

Jess and Mila - hahahahha well you never know.. it might just snow one day.. :)

Princess Closet said...

hi, yup i find its a good thing to do when you want to relax in front of the tv and also to bring along balik kampung :-) me also still learning but I love the patterns from the Jap books. Enjoy your cosy winter :)

Rosh said...

crocheting? err..still waiting for real snow in Malaysia... hehehe..

btw I used some scraps i purchased from you to make a sun cap & d result can be found at

anna said...

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