Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drawstring knot covers - how to

Do you make pouches or bags with drawstrings..? 
How do you finish the ends of the strings..?
I've seen many kawaii methods in the Japanese crafting books before, but only recently decided to give it a try.  

How to make a pair of TULIP drawstring knot covers

1. Cut 2 squares, size: 3inch x 3inch
2. Fold in half and sew
3. Open seam and press
4. Fold the loop in half

1. Insert the loop, raw edges facing the drawstring knot
2. Stitch around the opening, pull the thread, tie a knot at the end and cut the thread
3. Pull the top loop over the drawstring knot 
4. Shape the edge with your fingers (to form tulip-like shape) and stitch the middle closed  

The knots are totally hidden *grin*

Hope you have a lovely weekend.. It is still very cold for late March here in Japan and we hope to stay indoors as much as possible. Oh and by the way, it is spring break here in Japan and Sofea is at home with lots of energy and nowhere to go..*mother-daughter hair pulling session* 

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nadia said...

thanks for the tutorial. usually i just tie a knot at the end of the drawstring. great idea and i might try it on my next drawstring project :)

Suzie said...

Yahhhh....cantik..nanti boleh buat ..Sue sekarang musim durian so my sister from Perak bawa durian ke KL untuk jamu adik-adiknya..hehehe

MyBotanG said...

Nadia - me too.. this is quite neat kan.. and very easy to make.. :)

Suzie - do give it a try yea.. bestnyer musim durian...!!!! uhuhuhuh

Hobby Mummy said...

cute cover ! have made several of these using tutorial in Japanese magazines , but the round n puffy version :))

Marlene Anna Malek said...

Hi, I added your blog into my blog list ;)

Mila@Rimbun said...

thanks for the tutorial

Bea said...

Thanks for the tute. I've made this type of knot covers once. Really cute & neat.

Lyana@Mely said...

waaa berguna btol lah idea ni kak sue...thanks

jupa zakaria said...

a bit late..
but sue i added ur blog into my blog list...trying to gather all teslian's blog heheheh tq

MyBotanG said...

Maz - ooo I've made the puffy ones before.. but kurang BOLAT jadinyer.. (x betul technique la tu..) :P

Marlene - thank you for stopping by and for adding my blog in your list.. your blog makes me crave for yummy cuppies!!!

MyBotanG said...

Mila - you're welcome

Bea - don't mention it.. it's a neat idea, right.. tried searching for it online.. macam x jumpa and I don't know what they are called.. knot covers seem appropriate, right.. heheheh

Lyana - you're welcome.. easy to make kan.. do give it a try soon..

MyBotanG said...

jupa - thank you, I saw THE LIST and your entry.. honoured and surprised at the same time.. thank you again..

syaf said...

oh cute.. looks like mittens on baby's hands hehe.. must try :) thanks for the tutorial sue!

MyBotanG said...

syaf - heheheh cute image.. happy crafting dearie..


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