Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Refashion Bug

It is almost spring break for school kids here in Japan (and many other kids all over the world.. except for Malaysia..) which means new school terms in less than 2 weeks away. Sofea will be starting primary 3 in April.

It is time to reorganise her wardrobe and bring out the spring fashion line.. ehem.. more like clothes from boxes in our home.. And this is the time I realise how she has grown an inch or two and her old clothes, still good have all shrunk *sigh*

So, during the 3 day weekend recently, I managed to get a refashion project done for her. 

Project 1 - Adding length to skirt

1.I cut strips of knitted fabric from my old shirt (15cm width) and used the rolled hem foot for the hem - to get the wavy look. 

2.I also cut heart shapes from the same shirt and applique them on the skirt - I need lots of practice on applique-ing with knit as it reacts differently than cotton. Any tips on how to get a perfect finish when you applique with knit?

3.Pin the strip to the skirt and sew. 

It really is a fast project, that is if you do not spend hours rummaging through boxes full of waiting-to be-turned-into-something-else-clothes..Pin It


Nuno Lady said...

I think you should use starch fabric to make the material hard/stiff like a paper. knit is expandable/elastic that will challenge your patience.. or you may place a paper or newspaper unde the love shape and sew it together ??

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Eh you jahit "My Botang" ke kat skirt tu ? I thought its a watermark !!! hahaha how silly of me


nice skirt !

MyBotanG said...

Fit.. ooohh I see.. will try the technique next time.. thank you dearie..

Ann - hhmmm it is a watermark.. I don't think Sofea will wear a skirt with a big MyBotanG on it.. hehehe

Bea said...

lawaklah pasal watermark tu:D Cute skirt. Lucky sofea, mommy can sew....if not boleh jadi mini skirt:P

MyBotanG said...

Bea - :) Mommy is using Sofea as her guinea pig for her attempts at making wearables.. nasib la.. heheheh


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