Thursday, May 19, 2016

Next sew along project

It has been way too long since our last sew along
So, I decided we should have one..

I am thinking of the piping-hot hobo pattern from Lisa Lam's The Bag Making Bible
The last bag I made from this book (which was also a sew along I put together) was a Reversible Bucket Bag (FREE pdf). We had so much fun and learn a lot along the way. 

What do you think? Any of you interested to join in the fun?
You can follow us here and on IG 

Here's the tentative plan
The piping-hot Hobo (by Lisa Lam)
Level: Advance
Special features: Round shape, piping, collapsible gusset
Time length: 23rd MAY - 30th JUNE 2016
Time Plan:
Week 1 (23/5 - 31/5)
1. Study Pattern and instructions
(pages 148 - 154)
2. Copy and cut out pattern pieces
(4 pattern pieces only. yippee!!!)
3. Collect Materials/Fabrics
(Edited: What you need list)
4. Decide on fabric combo
5. Showcase fabric combo
Week 2 (1/6 - 8/6)
1. Cut fabrics, interfacing and fleece
(Edited: Preparation list)
2. Make the piping
(how to on pages 144-145)
3. Iron interfacing and fleece
4. Showcase progress
Week 3 (8/6 - 15/6)
  • Central gusset seam
  • Attaching piping to bag exterior
  •  Attaching gusset to bag exterior

Week 4 (15/6 - 22/6)
  • Bag lining
  • Bag flap 
Week 5 (22/6 - 29/6)
  • Assembling the bag
   Showcase Final Product : 30/6 
stay tuned for more updates soon!!
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duniavitamintini said...

hai sue..melihatkan patternnya mcm best...huwaaaa..
tp xde buku nk follow..follow buat beg yg seakan mcm piping gak so...ada teman2 jugak..hihihi..pape pun insyaAllah..harap sechedule tu ok dan boleh follow..hihi


Wah....macam terpanggil utk join...nanti kene cari buku ni dalam gerobok ku...cuma this bag only fit for the young and trendy...definitely will have to present it to somebody bila dah siap..hihi...syok jugak kalau dapat jahit..

MyBotanG said...

Tini, insyaallah kita buat sama2.. baru best kan.. semangat lebih sket nak try pattern baru bila ada gang <3

MyBotanG said...

kak Rosni definitely can pull the chic and trendy look.. boleh melaram isi duit raya nak bagi kat anak cucu nanti.. psst; kena buat sedonodon ngan baju raya :D

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