Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sew Along - The Piping Hot hobo

Week 1 tasks for the piping hot hobo sew along was to gather the materials needed to make the bag. 
Here's a list of items needed to make this bag:
1. Exterior fabric: 50x112cm (medium weight)
2. Lining fabric: 50x112cm
3. Woven fusible interface 50cm
4. Fleece 50cm
5. Piping cord 2.5m - matches the exterior
6. Bias fabric 45x3cm - for the flap trim band 
7. Bag strap 125x1.5cm
8. Magnetic snap button 18mm
9. 2 D-rings
10. 2 Popper snaps 1.5cm 
11. Tassel 2.5cm wide

I have narrowed it down to 3 choices but haven't really decided from these fabrics for my exterior, I also got a ready made piping cord (yeay!!) 

Main task of Week 2 is to cut the fabrics (exterior and lining), interface and fleece. The good news is there are only 4 pattern pieces and the best news is you repeat to cut each pattern 4 times (ones for each material type; exterior and lining fabrics, interface and fleece). 

Preparation List
Pattern 1/4 - Body front 
Pattern 2/4 - Body back
Pattern 3/4 - Gusset 
Pattern 4/4 - Flap    

Also cut
From lining fabric - 25x16cm (inner slip pocket) 
From exterior fabric - 14x5cm (handle loops) 

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