Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crochet anyone?

I have been bitten by the crochetting bug lately (not that I'm any good at it). Recently visiting the local library with my girl, I checked out a Crochet book.  
Title: First Crochet Lesson
ISBN: 978-4-8163-4486-2
Published: 2008
Price: 1200yen/ RM48

As with almost all of Japanese craft books that I've come across, this book is totally self explanatory and suitable for independent learner, any individual could manage learning the crochetting steps from the detailed step by step pictured instructions.  
The book contains projects like flower and snow shaped coasters, mini flower motifs, edging laces and braid laces, flower corsages, square multi covers, mini mufflers, portable phone cases and tote bags. I have attempted the mini flower motifs and hope to try bigger projects in the future.
The reason I kept my wonky and crooked crochetting attempts till the end is mainly because if you've had seen these pics first, you might have stopped reading and blog hopped to something better.. *sigh*
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MamaDaniel said...

wow... bagus btol buku tu.. tak lama lagi banyak la project cik su.. hee.. kat jepun sure lebih byk choice utk benang..kan?

TiniHani said...

su.. at least u can do the crochette thingy.. i nak buat tali air pon gagal.. uouhh

MisFyd said...

Nice book...jepun je ade buku2 best siap ngn illustration.... Missed bookshop kt Nihon!

Good attempt on the crochet....if nk senang just nk practice cuba pakai benang tebal skit...Senang benang halus2 nih mmg susah nk bat,even Fid pun sakit tgn.
hehe...Nihon byk benang tebal yg la cuba plak :)

lia said...

Good try!ok la tu...cantik...lepas ni bleh la try buat projek yg besar sikit..he2.aa,nk tny,buku crochet tu bleh order tak?

Malaysia said...

sudah sangat bagus. I too bought a book on crochet recently. But haven't started it yet. At least, you have made some nice flowers. What type of yarn do you use? Is it just normal white yarn?

d u r a said...

i've always wanted to try my hand at crochet.bought the yarn & hook already, but don't know how to start..kesiannn..
tapi buku ni nampak mcm best. kalo boleh order, do lemme know ok ♥

Nuno Lady said...

sue!! suka2... nanti boleh hias beg nyantik2 dgn crochet..... a step ahead!... my eyes tak tahan kalau ngadap crochet...juliiing bijimata *erkk* tp my mom buat ketayap (songkok aji) steady jer walaupun dia rabun dekat.. dulu2 pun dia blajar guna buku jepun.. good illustration...walaupun tak tahu jepun sepatah pung..

My Botang said...

1. I'll try to find out the price on or local bookshops and get back to you about ordering the books

2. I have NO idea what so ever about the type of yarn that I'm currently using.. you would not believe it but I inheritted my mom's old sewing case and in it the yarn.. *grin*

MisFyd - will definitely try with some other thicker yarns.. (but now that my sewing room is functional again, sadly the crochet projects got abandoned.. will make an effort to do a little every now and then..)


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