Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From an adult shirt to a little girl's shirt - Refashion project

A rather straight forward project and something you can do between projects or on a lazy afternoon. 

Here's a simple how to:
* Get one of your shirt - in my case, I got this Benetton shirt awhile back but didn't wear it much and it has been sitting there in the recycle box for quite sometime now. 
* Identify areas you need to alter: 
- narrow the shoulder
- cover the neckline 
- shorten the length
To make the shirt fit snugly on a little girl, you need to narrow the shoulder width. Measure it against your little girl's perfect fitting shirt, mark the excess and cut (sorry no picture). I took out a good 2-3cm on each side. I cut out the sleeves as well and reattach them (making them shorter) using the normal stitch and then using the zig zag stitch that comes with every machine. 

To cover the neckline, I got a strip of knit (in a darker shade) from my stash and sewed 3 rows of lace (remember to measure how much you need to cover). Align and pin onto the neck area, sew and cut excess.   
From the picture above you can see Sofea added her own flower brooch (she made them herself), which I think goes nicely with the whole look. 

At this point of the process I was already getting restless and just wanted to finish the project *roll eyes*
So instead of cutting to shorten the length, I added ties (again something I saved from another shirt or skirt) on the sides. You'll need 4 equal length ties, 2 on each sides. Sew the ties - one outside and another inside - it could be tricky, either pin properly or hand sew like what I did *grin*
And wallah you are done, I'm glad I didn't cut to make it shorter. The ties give a nice gather on the sides and it definitely adds to the whole girly lacy shirt look.. and the most important of it all is getting the approval of your 9yo when she sees her new old shirt *priceless* 
Coincidentally this shirt goes well with the skirt I refashioned earlier, and now Sofea has a matching outfit. 

Hope you are having a good week..
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Mila@Rimbun said...

the ties really making the dress looks elegant, and nicely fit the skirt.
mesti sofea really proud of the brooch kan.. betul ikut mamanya.. tangan kreatif

mis said...

creative yet fashionable.. i like! ^_^

MyBotanG said...

Mila - I think so too, the ties add a little extra to the whole look :) As for the brooch, she loves it.. and I love to see her appreciate her own handmade things (she wears her mushroom brooch proudly when we go out..)

mis - it's a good stress reliever for me, especially when Sofea approves, ni kalau penat-2 buat then dia buat x tau jek.. tambah stress ada la.. hehehehe

Imabiz said...

I notice that your girl has grown taller :)

MyBotanG said...

She has.. she measures herself (almost everyday) against the kitchen counter and reports how much she has grown.. hehehehe

Caca said...

how creative!

MyBotanG said...

Thank you.. very simple actually, with minimum alterations..

DiahRothman said...


I can see that Sofea dah jadi anak gadis!!!! :)

MyBotanG said...

TQ kak Dee :)

zakiah said...

Dear Sue....
nampak macam baju baru lah...
Salam Ramadhan


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