Monday, June 20, 2011

Sofea and felt

Sofea made a set of felt brooches during the weekend. Her first attempt was the strawberry and red mushroom on the top right. 
I noticed that she got confused at first on how to break down the pattern after tracing in onto a paper i.e strawberry body on one paper template and the leaf on another. But she quickly got the hang of it and managed to draw separate templates for the mushroom. 
Her favourite part was matching the different coloured felts (definitely my fav part too *grin*). 

After the success of the first two, she decided she needed 2 more mushrooms brooches, and this time she did almost everything by herself (even sewing the pin at the back of the brooch). 
She got a bit more creative with the colour mixing - baby blue mushroom, and experiemnting with shapes - heart for the red mushroom. 

We used the pattern from this book for her project. It is still available in the shoppe

Her first felt craft project.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too..Pin It


Wan Anis Sorfina said...

Love the mushroom!
i fan of mushroomsss!!!

Fa'izah [eqin] said...

wahhh! pandai Sofea! cantik! =)


çok güzel tasarımlar eline sağlık ..

MyBotanG said...

wan - cute kan mushroom, it is called kinoko in Japanese.. they are crazzzzzyyyy about this lil cuties..

Eqin - She's getting better at this.. :)

Marifetane - eerrr.. Thank you??


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