Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laminated cotton find

I am being pulled by laminated cotton. Every fabric store I visit, I find myself drawn towards the colourful rolls (laminated cotton usually comes in 50cm cut roll). 

I caved in..(as if it comes as a surprise to anyone.. *roll eyes*).  
I bought some yummy polka dot laminated cotton last weekend. 

They are so easy to sew (just like normal fabric, no additional tool required). The only drawback is they are quite pricey.. *sigh* 
They make lovely bags, wallet and pouches and recently I received a commission to make reusable food wrap out of these lovelies (will blog about it next)
Find out more about laminated cotton here, and I've listed them in the shoppe as well if anybody's interested. 
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syaf said...

Oh sue! Do you have designs other than polkadots? Been planning to use this for my sons apron. Cartoon designs perhaps?

MyBotanG said...

Syaf dear, I do not stock but I can get the laminated cotton in any prints you like.. how much do you need..? I should warn you that they are quite pricey.


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