Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabric Find Monday and a secret giveaway... ssshhhhh!!! (CLOSED)

Can you imagine that it's already DECEMBER..?? It feels like only recently I was penning down my 2011 plans and aims.. and now I have to assess achievements and progress made throughout the year and start planning for 2012. 

In the meantime, what do you think of this print..? your cup of tea..?
The fabric is by KOKKA and it's 100% cotton

A quick giveaway to MyBotanG exclusive readers only.. 
Tell me what you think of the fabric and two of you might end up with an FE cut of this piece. 
Tell me about the print/colour/feel/possible project/etc - you do not need to write an essay, few sentences would suffice - I'll choose 2 comments I like best on 15th December 2011. You can write in either English or Malay.  

I've held something similar before - see what people wrote, see the winners comments.

Thank you for participating ladies. Enjoyed reading all your comments.
For me the bold and vibrant colours against the black really brings out the FUN  and CHICK in this print. The no direction of the patterns allows for easy (lazy *grin*) cut where you do not really have to worry about having cut the pattern in the wrong direction.. eerrr believe me it has happened before *sigh*
However, the print is rather big, thus limiting the items you can make out of this fabric to medium - big bags only. I am very sure the fabric would look great as a skirt, but since I do not make any wearable, I can't say for sure..

There were 17 comments and I've decided to let to choose the winners:
(Tried attaching the random box here to no avail.. *give up*)

Winner 1 is commentor 8 -  Cik Tyra (you are really lucky dear, you were one of my 1K-LIKE GA winner few weeks back, right?) *I hardly ever win anything.. sob*
Winner 2 is commentor 17 - Aynz

Each winner will receive an FE of the above print in the mail soon.
I've listed the fabric in the shoppe if you wish to get hold of some.
Thank you for participating.Pin It


Sha said...

Hi Sue TQ for the Giveaway Contest

I love this fabric for the 2 reason
1) I love anything by Kokka, simply gorgeous and yummy
2) Simple because it has everything that made me smile everyday as a women :)

not sure about others but by having this fabric, i could stare on it for 24/7 LOL!

Mila@Rimbun said...

A curvy cluth for myself in this print will do. Making me proud of bringing it anywhere that I go.

Asma said...

Look at the contrasting colors of the background and the prints, owh! I'm in love!

I believe the designer is trying to portray the mind of a tailor or a sew enthusiast. It contains the essential A-Z: the tools, the machine, the fabrics, the mannequin, the customer and the end products. The correct and upside down arrangements of the prints reflects the mind of a typical sew enthusiast: always wanting to do so many things at the same time. At least that describes what's in my mind...:) I'm already feeling inspired by the fabric, wanna try make myself a felt keychain using the shape of the blue dress, or maybe the mannequin, or the tools, or... gosh!

Nomaliza Azman said...

I like the color. Very vibrant! Macam ada mix feeling, the colorful colr makes me happy, but the black background makes me feel down, awat lagu tu pulak rasa??

Untuk Liza rasanya, Liza akan buat small pouch (I really need one!). mix with some laces and plain light color fabric, untuk contra the dark gloomy background..hopefully, it will uplift the feeling...(I guess)

Intan Zulhilmi said...

saya mmg cukup suka fabric yg ada print about sewing stuff...mcm2 boleh buat, PIN CUSHION AND SEWING MACHINE COVER (PERFECT COUPLE!), CLUTCH, COIN PURSE...kaler agak simple tapi itu dah cukup untuk MENAIKKAN AURA FABRIC NI...huhuhu

NoEn said...

tak gheti nk komen panjang2 tp corak dia mmg menarik..sangat sangat menarik O_O

Fidah said...

Knee On Lights=NEON lights! Yup, that's what this fabric reminds me of.The contrast of colours, black and vibrant, striking colours of pink, red and blue produces a strong effect to the viewers. It connotes a sort of 'naughty' yet 'innocent' image.Mmm and ofcourse I love to GET hold of the fabric!!

cik tyra said...

thanks kak sue buat giveaway lagi..nak ambil peluang join GA akak lagi la :)

wahhh, corak yang amat cocok dgn saya *perasan jap* hehehe

sbg remaja yg busy dgn class,hobi menjahit n berhibur bersama kwn2(perempuan), sy rs saya nk buat pencil box ciptaan sendiri mggunakan fabric ni.maybe smgt belajar makin bertambah sbb asyik tgk fabric comel ni time belajar...n mesti kawan2 semua jealous melihat kecomelan fabric dr mybotang ni.. hehehehe :D

sekian :)

Rosh said...

I love the fabric! The colours: black, red, blue & pink- blend so well. Yup! I like the effect they make. Striking & bold! Besides, the dots & the stripes are so "in". The images... reminds me of myself..(hahaha) a lady who is sooo in love with shopping, sewing and FABRICS! Just want to do anything & everything related to fabrics & fashion. No wonder i opt for sewing.... hehehe...

psstt.. it helps me to feel young too! ;D

NYKOLETT said...

Thanx su for this GA..Yikes!!i dont like this material at all.Ade corak yang is in the upside down way really puts me off..Makes the whole fabric looks like a rejected item.Hihihi..pardon me ya for the negative komen..But i love the bright fuschia pink with the blue dots and the patchwork bag with red ribbon.Eye-catching indeed If i get this material for free,no way i am going to buy,hihih i will cut and susun balik corak2 yang terbalik tu and sew a patchwork tote ..

Asma said...

Sorry Su for a second comment, but just got inspired to write again...

Nothing much tho, just a 'serangkap pantun':

Red and pink, black and blue,
Feels like sewing something new,
But come to think of it again,
I might just keep it in a frame!


n.a.m said...

I love the bright colors, but the black background is a bit gloomy. On the other hand, hitam tu susah nak nampak kotor, so perfect for clutch or purse or anything yg byk kena pegang :)

Atie said...

Thanks Sue for hosting so many giveaways ...

First of all ... love the colours complement with one another ... and of course, it's KOKKA. As a crafter, the print is quite meaningful. All kind of projects suit to this print where you can find many of them in MyBotanG's collection ...


Lyna said...

I must say it's very drooling fabric ^^ and the colour combination is quite interesting and abit messy with the up and down pictures...honestly, it's a great fabric for an apron which baking and quilting are my passion.

And thanks for holding such wonderful giveaway ^^


Zaira said...

Salam Sue, for the sake of commenting here goes..the fabric is so feminine it will make any young girl and the not so young like me very 'happy'. Turn it into something that can carry everything and it will sure be an eye catcher!

mel said...

Saya ni memang peminat warna hitam. Everything black always catch my eyes. Kontras colour of the fabric memang amat menonjol.. Coraknya agak 'keras' sedikit dan penonjolan warna pink menyebabkan ada harmoni dalam rekabentuk fabric ni. Overall i like this fabric so much.. kalau buat iPad cover ni mesti cantik! :D

AyNz said...

Hi Sue, thanx 4 Giveaway Contest!

i like this print fabric because it make me wanna go shopping! Sangat style and very up-to-date..

It's simple and looks like in a rush! For me, this fabric suite for a tote bag. U can bring on saturday (no plastic bag day) for a shopping day. Look awesome and trendy chick!

*much love*

cik tyra said...

yeay! thank u kak sue. yes, sayang yg menang GA tu jugak. thank u so much. Alhamdulillah :D

jennifer said...

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