Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabric Find Friday - Eiffel Tower and a giveaway

What do you love or don't love about this fabric..? 
Share to stand a chance to receive a little bit of Paris in the post.. 

What you need to do:
1. Leave a comment telling me what you like/don't like about the fabric
2. Include your e-mail address 
3. I'll choose 2 comments I really enjoyed reading on 10th June 2011
4. The two commenters will receive 1FE size of the above fabric and 1 more FE in another print of my choice (2FE in total)
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ChabbyWabbit said...

:) thank you for hosting this giveaway!! :)

Let's see, what i love about this fabric would be the girl/ lady figure prints, it represented Paris a lot. I love fashion and I love fabrics with unique prints!! It would really go well as a bag or top..:)

By the way, love your blog!!
joanna james

N.A.S.H.A said...'s giveaway time from Sue. Love to join.

With this beautiful PARIS EIFFEL TOWER fabric I just can't wait to sew a beautiful hobo for my teenage daughter.

The lovely prints are just perfect with young teenagers spending time in this beautiful city of fashions and spectacular architecture.

Caca said...

like: red & black contrast
dislike: white background

jc said...

No trip to Paris is ever complete without a long relaxing cup of coffee, with some fascinating people-watching, at a Paris cafe. Check out the fashionistas with their french poodles in the fabric and you'll know what you're missing! Oh la la!

hueisei said...

Thanks for the generous giveaway!
Well, I likes the Eiffel tower and also misc dolls showing the Paris's ladies daily activity and styles..
What I dislikes it's the color. Not that striking and not much caught attention. From the far, you wont notice how special this fabric is. You need to look it closer to catch the meaning behind of the whole picture. ^^v

hueisei said...

Oops..My email..
cheers: hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

Fa'izah [eqin] said...

faizah rasa fabrik nie chantekk sgt kalau buat feels elegant...hehehe x dpt g paris, ada beg fabrik nie pon ok...hehehehe but seriously,it looks great with bags...=)

Kak Ani said...

salam sue,
tqsm buat giveaway ni...

apa akak suka:
- suka sangat Ieffel Tower & any simbol about Paris...sbb its almost imposibble nak jejak kaki kat Paris nun...

tak suka:
- color kurang menyerlah...maybe sebab white b'ground..
- so sorry to say-too many masih boleh diguna-pakai[make-over] jika akak ada rezeki dpt kain ni..nanti akak cerita if akak menang...

thanks a lot -

Kedai Online said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eleiza said...

This is a creative giveaway idea. Never come across my mind before to look deeper into a piece of fabric and see what are the pros and cons. This fabric looks fine and I believe it is more beautiful in real. As we turn it into bags, it is superbly gorgeous! No doubt.

I have no hesitation in making my mind like pulling off flower petals and say "it's beautiful.. it's not". It is always beautiful. The Eiffel Tower is something that my eyes cannot resist. It is a symbol of romance and one of the greatest places to visit. I'd never been there. It makes my heart blossoms and day dreaming of a vacation whenever I look at it. Handbags and shopping is my passion. The girl pictures my personality except for the way she dress. Hehe. This fabric looks like it is being designed to create happy mood for those who enjoy moments like this. A girl with her dog goes for a walk, a lady enjoys her drink, it is very relaxing and far from a hectic life. A printed fabric is worth a thousand words.

In the other way round, I have to admit this fabric is a bit dull in color. But no worries, just sew it along with red polka dots or stripes fabric. Cotton will never let you down. It will always be a precious collections. Trust me.


Eleiza said...

zu_enan said...'s great time..hihihi..
sukanya sue...(senyum lebaq xigtla)..

why i like this fabric?
emmm...sudah tentunya sbb ada EIFFEL TOWER tu..almaklumla nk gi kt paris jauh nun..klu dapat fabby ni pun alahai dekatnya hatiku dgn paris..hihihi(sempat berangan)
and tentunya fabby ni adalah designer fabby, i love it.. pape pun klu sue yg pilih fabby ni waktu beli of cozla fabby ni mmg cantik x?
klu sya dapat?waa dah berangan lak..sory sue..
nnti la berangan klu tui2 dapat..hihihi
pape pun thank for hosting this giveaway... :)
~hartini zulaikha~

NoEn said...

wah semua org bg komen panjang lebar suka about the fabric is lukisan the xsuka sebab ad dog...

Sha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sha said...

what comes on my mind when i see this fabric..let see

It represent PARIS a lot..u can actually dive into the beautiful of Paris when u see this fabric..look at the wonderful of sketches figure and the numerous activities people enjoy doing it over there and what makes it awesome is u can capture all the beautiful sight seeing just by looking at the fabric without going to Paris..

i also like the sensation of the mixing coloring itself coz why need brighter color, when u can have the breath-taking scenery..white background with a red-blue and black is enough for me

and the mini-miny dislike that disturb me the most because the prints has a dog image

Wrap up comment : Beautiful! and that goes without saying *wink wink*


nisa said...

red n blue/black is a nice combination...cute printing.. i saw a tiny cute cat... meriah tul printing nie kan...

alamkk... ada doggie la plak.. but maybe a handmade gift to a suitable fren to overcome the flaw.....

yytan said...

I like the printing on the fabric especially the girl who is walking her dog.

What I dislike is the background in white as it make the fabric a bit dull.

Thanks for the giveaways!

juzbetty said...

i love the memories it bring of Eiffel tower, I and my hubby once upon a time in Paris. The beautiful sceneries, the fine restaurants (though we never really got the chance to dine in due to tight budget) and the walk along the Champ Elysee. Now this makes me want to go there again. The fabric's design is very classic and i don't think i have anything to say against it. Just that I wish that I am the girl in the fabric and the man should be my hubby. But reality is, we are both too heavy built to be featured in it. haha...
I hope you don't mind my comment.

my email:
Thanks for the chance.

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

.Dah join!!

Suker:Fabric yg mengingatkn kita ngan eiffel tower kat paris!!cantik klu buat bag juga!

Tak Suker:kalernya kurang menyerlah..pucat jer.image yg ada kat fabric tue xsesuai di gayakn oleh org muslim sbb ada gambar dog!

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

Lupa lak email..

Zulleen said...

thanks sue coz buat GA nie :)

apa yg saya suka ttg fabby ni?
first coz ada eiffel tower, konon2 kalo buat bag made in Paris la...kombinasi image lady tu pun cun gak...susah nak dapat kat kedai kain biasa...

yg saya tak suka ttg fabby ni?
1. first , latar belakang fabby ni cerah sgt n mudah kotor kalo buat beg (tapi kalo saya menang, saya tetap nak buat something special utk diri sendiri..:)
2. second, ada image mr dog...:(

ok sue, itu ajer komen saya ttg fabby nie..thanks

faizlily said...

Hello Sue, love to join ur giveaway... insya Allah ada rezeki kot... :)
like: the girl wearing stripey scarf with jaunty walk
dislike: a bit of cropping need to be done on the smiley girl with french bread...
my emai:

Suzie said... to join ur giveaway...
Ok....dari segi fesyen suka warnanya...suka karakter kartunnya ...suka juga gambaran designernya tentang Paris...
Kalau bab tak suka pula saya memang macam patriotik sikit ..orang Paris memang selalu bangga dengan Francenya..kan...sampaikan kain pun ada bangunan kemegahan Paris...hmmmm saya anak Malaysia ...hahhahaha

Liza A. said...

I'm joining too!!!
What I like about the fabric is it really fun to make something out of abstract and because I don't get the chance to go to Paris for my honeymoon lol, having to make something out of 'Paris' print will definitely make my day haha...

And what I don't like about the fabric is...why is it still there with you, Sue? It's suppose to be here with me...only me!!! Me! Me! Me! Muahahahaha....(evil laugh)

P/S: Thank you hosting the GA, Sue!

MyBotanG said...

Thank you for participating ladies.. I had a wonderful time reading and re-reading the comments.. and still having difficulty choosing..


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