Monday, July 5, 2010

A good Sunday, definitely

How was your weekend??
It rained heavily on Saturday here, and the forecast predicted rain for almost the whole week, but to everyone's delight, it turned out to be quite a sunny Sunday. 
And so, we went out.. 

A glimpse of Kyoto Tower 

A stop at a chocolatier

Guess what this is..??
(answer at the end of this post)

Home made dinner - rice, topped with sashimi (raw fish), okra, natto (soy bean/tempe basah??) wasabi and soy sauce..trully yumm!!

yummy FQs and FEs cut and packed *happy*

And... this just arrived, our 10th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves.. heheh
*if you can spot the big fat thumb print - it's my hubby's, I haven't yet dare touch it, a bit too intense for me*

answer - tuntung rebus??? yucks!!!

So, how was your Sunday..?
p/s - Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers on our 10th wedding anniversary *HUGS*
      - Have you participated in the giveaway yet..??

SALE update - more stuff (FQs, FEs, books, notion and maybe scrap bags) will be uploaded this week.. stay tuned!!  Pin It


Zura said...

My weekend was spent lugging boxes hehe...great pics sue! Erkkk...tuntung rebus?? Ewww....derang makan ke tu? Yuck!!

Azaidris said...

Wah!!!Godiva...Baru sekali je merasa chocolate Godiva. Tapi org kata choc drinks Godiva yummy hehehe.

Was just a normal weekend for me. Was groceries shopping weekend. Brought the boys along so havoc la sbb masing2 tunjuk tu, tunjuk ni, nak tu, nak ni hehehe..

Tengok mula2 kot la shaped into tortoise but tu betul2? Yuck!

Nice ann present. More baking post after this perhaps? ;)

MyBotanG said...

Zura dear - I hate packing and moving!! I hope yours goes smoothly.. and selamat mendaftar as a student!! all the best!!

Naza - the choco drink is heavenly.. but rasanyer if drink sorang tu mau pengsan.. better to be shared, leave you wanting for more..

hopefully more healthy dishes after this.. it seems i can fry ayam/tempura in it with hardly any oil.. i love the sound of that.. :D

they do eat tuntung, the thing is dia tak siang pun bende tu.. masuk cam gitu jek.. yucks!!!

Sharifah said... weken was superb.. :)my mum was here in sabah... miss her so much . last met her was january ..ttis year...

u too had a great weken su.... love it....

a.niza said...


MyBotanG said...

Pah - glad to know you have your mom visiting, no matter how 'adult' we become, it's sooooo comforting to have our mommies to pamper and fuss over us once in a while.. *missing my mommy too*

niza - :D i have tried the roasting and grilling function.. OMG!!! heavenly.. *happy*


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