Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A girl named ALANI

I made a sling bag for a liltle girl named Alani last year.
The original pattern was simple, with prong button for closure and long fabric handle. 
I called the sling bag ALANI.   
Recently, I made another sling bag with some alteration. I added flap to the bag and instead of using fabric, I used canvas tape for the handle. The end product turned out well...quite good (grin) but the process was hellish.. What with packing and getting ready to return to Malaysia, the rush to add or do alteration at that tense time was highly NOT recommended.

I found attaching the flap to the main body of the bag was horribly difficult with the machine, and attaching the sling at the same time almost impossible. Blame it on the wrong timing, preassure to finish the project or PMS, but everything that was suppose to go wrong DID GO WRONG *arrrrggghhhhh* After several attempts, and lots and lots of ripping, I finally hand sew the flap and the handle to the main body with pink floss *grin*

Have you faced such experience..? When things go wrong no matter what you do, what do you do then, how did you resolve it?

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Anonymous said...

in any time, our hands are more flexi than a machine, he..he..

NYKOLETT said...

i also get into the same situation occasionaly.A real test for my patience..but i survive no matter what hahaha.Thanx to my" i can do it" gene.That keeps me going til now...

MyBotanG said...

Jess - I agree, in dire time of hair pulling and stress, always resort to hand sewing *grin*

NYKOLETT - Thx for dropping by, with your vast sewing experience I'm sure you've endure it all.. Hope one day I'll be as tough as you..


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