Monday, July 26, 2010

The Finale

The last of the envelopes containing FEs have been mailed this morning *relief*
I truly hope the receivers would get their packages in a couple of days.

I have some FEs leftovers from the previous SALE if anyone is interested.
Each pack contains 4 FEs (total 1/2 yard).
Price: RM20 each.
Shipping is free of charge anywhere in Malaysia.

1. Code name: FEG
status: 1 pack available
SOLD to okinokiyo

2. Code name: FEY
status: 1 pack available
SOLD to rosh

3. Code name: FEBLU
status: 1 pack available
SOLD to Sheila Wahid

4. Code name: FEPU
status: 1 pack available
SOLD to m/sa

5. Code name: FEPI
status: 2 packs available
SOLD to Nadia & Sheila Wahid

If anyone's interested:
1. Leave a comment with the code name.
2. Please include your e-mail address.
*I'll send you an e-mail with information about payment and shipping* 
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okinokiyo said...

I wany FEG Thx!

okinokiyo said...


rosh said...

Salam.. nak FEY..

Sheila Wahid said...



m|sa said...


saya nak FEPI & FEPU.. 1 set each.. tq..

MyBotanG said...

mording ladies.. Thanks for the purchase. will be e-mailing you all soon.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

wahhh been busy with everything I cant believe i missed this ... managed to only grab the one in ur FB ...


MyBotanG said...

Ann dear - Thanks for the purchase on the FB.. this one pun FEs yg balance-2 aje.. alhamdulillah all settle dah.. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am late again, at what time you posted it up? Your fabrics are selling like hot cake. Do you still have the train fabric? I would like to have some to make bolster case. Thanks.

MyBotanG said...

Jess dear - sorry but this was all that I had with me.. :(

tiefazatie said...

hye sis sue..i got odi the fabrics..
tq so much sis!this is tq n3 for u..

wish u all da best sis!

tiefazatie said...

welcome sis!thanx a lot to u too sis..i like it so much!nice to get know u sis sue..=D


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