Monday, July 5, 2010

Japanese Crafting books for Sale

The talented Dura from Dura's Doodle just got a couple of Japanese sewing books recently (read about it here), and I thought to myself, some of you readers out there might be interested to get your hands on some of those books as well.

So, to start off this week's SALE here on MyBotanG, I give you carfting books for sale.

Sewing for Girls
Price: RM80 each (inclusive postage)
Last day to place your order: July 8th 2010

1. code name: G1
(see here for pic of the content)

2. code name: G2

3. code name: G3
(see here for the list of contents)

4. code name: G4 
(see here for the list of contents)

5. code name: G5
(see here for list of contents)

1. Leave a comment with the code name
2. Please include your e-mail address
3. I'll send you an e-mail with further information about payment and shipping.
*note: I do not own any of these books, I'll be ordering them*
           If there are other books you want me to look for, please contact me.

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feltralicious said...

anything for wallet/purse making?

Malaysia said...

G2 for me please, thank you.

lia said...

wow!bestnya buku2 jepun ni..buku crochet ada tak?baby crochet ke...

The Sewist said...

Wow i am loving this i would love some of those will have a look through them and let you know.

Btw i am planning a trip to Malaysia this month!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

The Sewist said...

Ok i would like G5 please :)

neeza said...

i wanna G1 and G3.. plzzz

MyBotanG said...

thanks ladies for the order,

Feltralicious and lia - sorry tak sempat upload anything on wallet or crochet at this moment..


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