Monday, February 14, 2011

Sew along update - Gathering stage

I am sure you are familiar with the reversible bucket bag sew along happening here at MyBotanG. Today marks the end of the gathering stage and we are now going to cut out all the pieces needed for the bag from 15 - 21 Feb (1 week). Before we get into that, first I'd like to share my materials for the bag.    

The pattern requires 3 pieces of 0.5m fabrics for the exterior, lining, contrast binding, base and button closure. 

I have decided to use these fabrics from left; 
Love U by Deb Strain for Moda, lime green polka dot fabric by cosmo textiles and fancy fabric collection by Lecein
Hop over to Nomaliza sketch and sew to see her fabric choice and to Mila's My Day in Life to check out her completed bag.  

The pattern also requires 0.5m of medium weight woven fusible interfacing and another 0.5m of fusible fleece. We had a lot of discussion (confusion on my part) about the fusible fleece - to know more, read the comment section here) and the discussion continued on the Do come and join us and add pictures to the pool, my picture is lonely and sad by itself *cry* 
my fusible fleece

Here's the time-line for the sew along again:
Gather fabrics and other supplies 1 - 14 Feb (2 week)
Cut out pieces 15 - 21 Feb (1 week)
Preparing the binding, button loop, self cover button and interfacing (steps 1-4 on the instruction page) 22 - 28 Feb (1 week)  
Bag exterior and lining (steps 5-8 on the instruction page) 1 - 7 March (1 week)
Binding - top edge, side top edge and handles (steps 9 - 14 on the instruction page) 8 - 14 March (1 week)

Cut the fabrics and interfacing pieces as follows:
2 x exterior fabric
2x lining fabric
2x fusible fleece
2x fusible interfacing

For the base:
2x contrast fabric
1x fusible fleece
1x fusible interfacing

Also cut: 
2x bias-cut strips of contrast fabrics - 86 x 10cm for the side top edge trim and handles
2x bias-cut strips of contrast fabrics - 29 x 10cm for the centre top edge trim
1x strip of contrast fabrics - 30 x 6cm for the button loop

Do update us with your progress, so we could check it out as well.. 

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NYKOLETT said...

Hmmm lime green,it is a healthy breathing color..a color three fourths of the way between yellow and green,closer to yellow though..I have already a picture of your ready bag in my mind..Happy sewing ya,Sue

MamaDaniel said...

*gulp* (telan air liur dulu)
sebab saya belum habis decide lagi.. (as usual... MamaD seorang pemikir yang mengambil masa yang lama untuk berfikir...) muahahaha... but i will stick to green, sebab dah minta consent from my mum (the bucket bag owner-to-be).. can green be happy with red and black? muahaha.. sew undecided..

Lyana said...


MyBotanG said...

Kak Ross - I love lime green, hope the fabrics will look all right together nanti.. a bit not sure with the Lecein fabric tu.. hhhmmm

Zila - wah green jugak ek.. hopefully you'll decide soon.. x pe decide trus potong.. heheheh

Lyana - thank you for the link.. we'll stopover to have a peek at your fabrics :)

MAK TEH said...

salam.mak teh boleh join this sew along ka?

MyBotanG said...

boleh..boleh.. always welcome.. :)

a.niza said...

will share gambar...baru nak recharge battery camera kain dah ade :P

MAK TEH said...

terima kasih,akan mula mencari bahan2mya,apa apa fabric pun boleh kan?x semestinya berjenama.pattern anak dah printkan.salam.

MyBotanG said...

kak Niza - can't wait to see your selection :)

Mak Teh - any 3 similar weight fabrics ikut kata patternnyer.. can't wait to see what you decide.. :)


what a smart blog,love the ideas & now following your sweet

MyBotanG said...

thank you for stopping by Khadija.. I love your creative ideas and the sooo many tutorials you've posted..

faizlily said...

would love to join as well, since the time is soooooo flexible...

MyBotanG said...

always welcome Faiz :)

SewLove said...

K.sue, sowi ye baru upload je gambar kain nie


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