Friday, February 18, 2011

New Tote and fabric find

I made this tote last week. I think I took more time deciding on the fabrics than making the bag itself. It is a straight forward and simple pattern for those familiar with bag making and easy enough for a beginner.

I mainly decided to try this pattern because of the handles. I have always wanted to try such handle's pattern but never got around to it. The steps to making this type of handles are similar to the normal flat ones (see tutorial) but instead of top stitching the sides, fold it in half and sew, leaving a couple of cm at the end to attach to the bag later. 
Carrie-Me Tote
Size: 31cm (at the widest) x 17.5cm
Base width: 6.5cm
Handle length: 36cm
1 inside pocket
magnetic snap for closure
Another reason that got me excited about making this tote was the fabric. I got the pink polka dot with rose fabric on my last visit to Tokyo but haven't yet found the right project to cut into the fabric. So, I thought the new tote pattern would go nicely with my new sweet fabric. 

The fabric is by Sevenberry and it is made in Japan. I have been told by some friends that the fabric is available in the Nagoya fabric shops in Malaysia in various colours and is available for RM8 per/m. However, there's nothing written on the selvedge and the quality might be different from Sevenberry fabrics. 

Reversible Bucket Bag sew-along update
1. Cut out pieces stage 15Feb - 21Feb
2. Join us on Flickr: It


MamaDaniel said...

cik sue.. cantik.. walaupun 2 fabrik tu mmg bertentangan warna dan coraknyer... memang pilihan yang berani.. (saya rasa saya blom berani..hehe..) tapi saya paling suka inner fabric, mcm corak stippling FMQ plak.. suka..suka..suka..
saya pernah nampak kain sevenberry, tapi saya cuma rasa kualiti kain yang berbeza, ada yang medium to light weight.. entah la.. saya pun masih belajar.. :D

MyBotanG said...

I had fun mixing and matching the top and the body fabrics.. personally I feel dark background fabrics blends well with light not busy fabrics.. i think la kan.. :)

forgot to mention about the lining, it is by Moda. I love the subtle-ness of the pattern.. I really do not prefer using solid colours for lining and definitely nothing busy as well..

sevenberry fabrics ni if buat baju kurung very seswai.. kain dia soft but falls nicely.. i love the cooling material.. but kat sini mana ler pakai baju kurung sgt pun.. so jadi bag aje la.. :)

Thank you for the detailed observation Zila

Mila@Rimbun said...

I bought this fabric from Nagoya but in blue colour, but if compare with fabric from Sevenberry (I think I had few of it, but not this pattern) the quality is much more different.. a bit keras ler

SCLover said...

cantik...the black polkadot has sparked the pink..nampak pink tu lebih menyerlah.. pattern handle tu.. sya selalu terfikir... do we need to insert s/thing inside to make it thick....or just sew it only .

MyBotanG said...

Mila - thank you for sharing about the fabric quality.. but the pattern and colours are sooooo sweet kan..?

Sya - it is actually dark brown polka dotted fabric.. (looks darker in the picture) as for the handle I only used interfacing and when folded it because sturdy so I didn't insert anything, plus the width wasn't that wide to have room to insert the fabric rope thing (not sure what it's called, but I've seen it sold in shops)

Zura said...

Cantik nya! I love roses print, very shabby chic. Oh I dah tengok the print at Nagoya tu, tengok harga pun dah tau confirm polyester huhu...bila pegang lagi lah confirm I think around 10% or less je cotton the rest is poly blend. There's a lot of imitations out there, and coming from the "factory of the world" countries it is expected...But I guess as long as there is a market for cheap, low quality fabrics here, they will keep producing and selling it...

Rosh said...

i bought d same print but of different color (blue). of course d quality is not d same. thats why it's cheap. But yes, d print is sooo lovely. i made a butterfly tray for my crafty swap partner using that nagoya's fabric. Come & see the outcome.

MyBotanG said...

Zura - I love the print too.. Wished other colours were available too as I love the print in baby blue..:( Kalau la Msian designers can produce our own cotton prints kan best, like our batik.. I'm sure we do not have to solely rely on outside prints.. ke dah ada I yang ignorant..?

Rosh - saw the butterfly tray.. mmg cute sangggaaaatttt :) and at the same time saw your sew along update.. love the fabric selections :)

IMAN said...

Bunga ros tu sikit2 macam delilah punya kan..
mmg berani u combine those nampak menarik dan kontras


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