Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is brewing in my sewing studio..

I am working on another single size quilt at the moment. Instead of my conventional quilt style (centre panel with borders here), I decided to try out a different style. Mainly inspired by the many beautiful quilts produced by Anita of Handmade With Love, I decided to mix and match and play around with colours a little bit. Yet I didn't want to go overboard with the design, so I chose a simple rectangular log cabin design.    

The main fabric in the centre is the patch ready yellow fabric by KOKKA, followed by Ikea stripe fabric. The bright blue fabric actually has tiny polka dots is by Moda fabrics in the third line. The finished size would come up to 140cm width x 190cm length. 
Hope to start quilting by next week right after I embroider the recipient's name who will get this quilt for his 9th birthday from his mom..*sweet*

What do you think of the design or/and fabric choice..? Would you have done somethings differently? 

Sew along update - At what stage are you now..? 
This week 22 - 28 Feb (1 week), we are preparing the binding, button loop, self cover button and interfacing (steps 1-4 on the instruction page)  Pin It


MamaDaniel said...

sangat ceria... mesti birthday boy tu suka... :D

sew along update- button dah beli yang siap punyer? aci tak? ngeeee :D

Caca said...

so sew beautiful. I starts collecting fabric scraps, wanted to make the 1st piece of quilt of my life.

IMAN said...

Sue, rasanya dah cukup comel n ceria for a boy..

p/s..i ter overexited..dah siap the xmo buat posting lagi..potong stim kengkawan lain pulak..hehe

MyBotanG said...

Zila - thank you, hope he will approve too.. I haven't started working on the button yet.. nak kena korek jugak lepas nie.. uhuhuhuh

Jess - all the best Jess, have you decided on a pattern yet.. start with something simple for your first time.. let me know if i can help in anyway.

Iman - thank you.. it is quite vibrant and bright.. waaaaahhhh dah siap ek bag dia.. do show us.. kasik sumer orang up sket.. :)

Suzie said...

Sue...salam kenal ..cantik n suka tengok...nanti dah terror nak buat juga yang cantik2 ni ...nak bertanya kalau kita quilt guna walking foot ok tak klau guna benang biasa tak payah guna benang nylon..

MyBotanG said...

hi suzie, thanks for stopping by, I usually just use the usual thread when I quilt, x ada problem pulak.. do you face problem when using normal type of thread ke..?

Suzie said...

Sue ,i x pernah try pun sebab masa i ke class i guna nylon tak berani pula nak guna benang biasa ...ok thank for your help...nylon ni mahal sebuku rm30.hahah budget ..budget

time to enjoy said...

cantik.Saya selalu ada masalah masa binding tepi esp at corner. mcm mana suzie buat?

MyBotanG said...

There's a lot of how to bind tutorials on the youtube.. do check them out..


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