Saturday, May 14, 2011

Itty Bitty for a Cute-y...

You might remember the panels I bought (here) and the sweet baby quilt I made from the panel (here). Since I couldn't get enough of the sweetness, I bought 2meters of the soft pink Itty Bitty fabric by Marcus Fabrics and it has been sitting there on my shelf looking pretty for quite sometime now, until a customer requested an all-in-one pouch using the fabric.

I was about to say NO to using my precious but decided against it and agreed to cut into the sweet fabric...
It turned out beautifully (more pictures).. and it was so fun to work with such soft fabric 
I lined it with brown polka dot fabric which I've decided long ago was the only perfect match for this sweetie. 
Then came another commission for a baby quilt using the fabric and I jumped with joy at the prospect of creating something SWEET *grin*
A simple quilting on the centre panel with name embroidery
A homemade binding using a soft pink cotton in my stash
MyBotanG baby quilt size is 110cm x 90cm
A soft pink flannel for the back 
After all these, I still have some of this lovely fabric left *HAPPY*

Do you have any precious in your stash..?
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MamaDaniel said...

cik sue.. memang sgt sweet.. suka la tgk pouch tu... sangat unik.. :)
quilt tu pun sweet.. kena jer dgn polka dot tu.. :)

p/s: cik sue..saya baru siapkan sew along applique.. heheh... ;)
orang ketinggalan kapal terbang.. hahahaha...

MyBotanG said...

Zila - TQ, sweet kan *mode syok sendri*
Will visit your blog right after this.. lambat is no problem at all.. hope you had fun and learnt something along the way.. :)

TinyTini said...

kaksue, cantiknya print baju2 for baby quilt tu..cute sangat!

Cik Tat said...

tv tunjuk ada quilt show dekat ATChall osaka.. pegi ker..?


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