Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué Week 4 - Final Stage

Week 4 (2 - 8 May) task - Appliqué the pieces

It was kind of nerve wrecking at first to get the balance between the speed of the machine and moving the fabric especially when using black thread where all the Oooppss will be magnified. It has been a while since I last used my darning foot to do the free motion (ABC quilt using darning foot) but I was very excited throughout the process. 

Though the result is far from perfect (lots of shaky and uneven stitches) I had a wonderful time working on this project and would like to thank each and everyone who were directly involved in the sew along and those who cheered and supported us all the way. THANK YOU to all the sew along members for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in the project *HUGS*

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Anic said...

Hi Sue,

Congratulations! :)

I thought the the flowers are well sewn, especially the curves/big circle.. . I like the daisies too...

I have not used darning foot for real work. I tested it once and i think it is a lot harder than the normal foot..

Thanks for organising this for us and inspiring us in completing our work.. :)

Thanks to all too who are with me sewing along...

MyBotanG said...

thank you for your kind words Anic, thank god for the sew along and for people like you and the other sew along members to push and motivate me to finish the project.. It was a great learning experience..

Fa'izah [eqin] said...

happy mother's day everyone!! nice work kak sue! =)

Mila@Rimbun said...

cantik... nak jadi apa agaknya tuh? wallhanging? or something else?

Thanks for organising this, lots of learning and inspiration.
What next eks? or shall we take a break first hehehe..

Happy Mothers Day..

MyBotanG said...

Eqin - TQ darling *HUGS*

Mila - wall hanging probably but it has to wait in line to be finished...
Thank you for participating Mila.. any idea for the next sew along..? something you want to try but to chicken shit to do it alone.. heheheh

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend..

Anic said...

Hi Sue,

How about this Free Amy Butler -Blossom Hangbag/Shoulder bag? :)

rather than what i have suggested earlier a jeans repurpose bag? :)

MyBotanG said...

I've downloaded this pattern as well.. do you think we might be up to the challenge..?? it does look interesting, doesn't it.. will have a look at the whole thing and gt back to you.. thank you for the idea Anic

mis said...

nice work.. and thanks for organising ya! i've just completed mine.. fuhhh ^_^

MamaDaniel said...

cantik.... :)

tak perasan pun any oooppss stitches.. hehehe..

zila punya?? blom buat... huhu.. tapi akan buat.. insyaAllah.. :) hehe..

Ariza Craft said...

hi sue,
thnks organising applique nie.
seronok gak raw-edge applique.

cunlah Blossom Hangbag tu.
beginner mcm i nie takut x jd buat jer :p

MyBotanG said...

mis - I love your choice of fabrics, especially in love with the vase, simply gorgeous!!! your stitches are so neat.. well done for the completed project..

thank you for participating and hope to see you on board our next sew along soon, hopefully..

MyBotanG said...

Zila - hope to see yours soon.. :) thank you for your kind words.. :)

MyBotanG said...

Ariza - it is an interesting technique kan.. I think it is meant to look less perfect and a bit conteng-like with free motion sewing.. I love you completed product..

Thank you for participating Ariza.. hope to see you on board on our next project soon, insyaallah..

Suzie said...

Sue...cantik...heheh ye next project ?i follow je ...hmmmmm

Anic said...

are we up to the challenge of the cun blossom hangbag? :)

may push our limit.. :) probably have to work together more for the difficult parts..


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