Sunday, April 3, 2011

Felt craft

Some felt books arrived recently for the shoppe.
Japanese craft books as you all must be aware by now contains beautiful and colourful pictures and self-explanatory illustrations and diagrams.
Sofea got hook on felting right away and was determined to give it a try. We got some felts from the 100yen shop and she made a simple bookmark out of it. She was very happy and proud of her achievement and I was just simply contented to have a company while I sew *grin*

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mast@work said...


saya ada jumpa juga kat 100¥ shop.. ntah bila nak try.. last time buat craft ni masa scrapbooking je.. ni mai jepun barang semua tinggal kat mesia le

Caca said...

so cute

Mila@Rimbun said...

seronok sofea berkraf yerr.. kemana tumpahnya kuah kan... emm thinking of this kind of activities for Izzah too.. hope she like it.

ashikin said...

Hi nice craft...
jemput la jadi follower blog sy pula..

Anonymous said...

comey pun tgh nak blajar wat felt & craft ni..macam masyuk je kan3x

jemput2 la ke blog sy..folo juga ye


Little Home Bird Crafts said...

Just found your blog. Love anything to do with felt!!

zuma said...

for beginner!

RM6 ONLY for 5 pc of felt size A4

grab it!


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