Friday, January 7, 2011

Bitten by the crocheting bug - book review

This is my latest find, a gift for myself *grin*
I usually check out knitting and crocheting books from the local library, but this baby is an exception. It is truly a keeper *hugs*

The book is 160 pages thick, divided to six sections which are doilies, motif, edgings and braids.
The paper quality is superior and the pictures are beautifully captured. 

The layout of the book is simple and easy to follow even for a non-Japanese reader. 
The pattern follows immediately after the illustrations. This saves a lot of confusion in searching for the right pattern. 

I am yet to try a pattern, but from the look of it, it seems achievable even for a beginner like me.  

I love the fun and modern designs included in the book together with the more conventional crocheting patterns. 

The book is printed in Japan
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MisFyd said...

OMG the book is nice! Definately a keeper! Would like to get one myself!
Hmmm wondering whether it's available in Kino...

Can't wait to see your new crochet project from this book =)

Jessica said...

I love this book, will check out at Kinokuniya.

MyBotanG said...

Fyd and Jess - it truly is a wonderful book, with glossy and kawaii pictures.. I love looking through the patterns and daydreaming.. it is selling for 1600yen - i tried finding it on, but sadly not listed, only available on

Do let me know if you find it in kinokuniya kay..

p/s - Fyd - took your advise and tried crochetting with thicker yarn, definitely easier and hides many of the imperfections.. hehehe :P

MisFyd said...

Hehe...which means more crochet project is coming! =D

If it's not available then most probably will need your help to get one (if possible). Hehehe I miss the bookshops in Japan & Tokyu-Hands in Tokyo...
I would shop like crazy if I'm there now... =(

MyBotanG said...

if you cant find it in Msia, would be happy to help you, no worries..

I'm crochet like a snail.. lembap and only in front of the TV.. hohoho (working on a scarf for Sofea now, winter pun dah nak habis scarf x siap-2 lagi..*sigh*)

MisFyd said...

tkpe...lambat asalkan enjoy & complete later. hehe

if last winter tk sempat bat for Haru or winter this year =D

HandFullOfFlour said...

I just got this book too.. I've recently been bitten by the Crochet bug.. with work, kids, and a million and 1 ideas for sewing.. i have no idea how to squeeze crochet in :P


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