Sunday, January 23, 2011

Edge Stitch revolution

After reading Zura's tutorial on edge stitching, I dug up the many types of feet that came with my Janome Super Secio PC (pictured here). You see, I do a lot of edge stitching and get frustrated with the not-so-edge stitch I get with the normal foot I use (obviously I'm too lazy to search and change the feet when I sew). 

Anyway, I found not one but two types of feet that looked promising and so I used type 1 to edge stitch the wristlet straps and wallllaaaaaahhhh the results (grinning from ear to ear) 

Type 2 foot is perfect for top stitching and the especially tricky curves

Thank you Zura, for the simple yet most useful tutorial!! 
These two feet are definitely my two new best friends *HUGS*
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ween said...

wow. i'm wondering if i could get these feet for my electrolux machine. look great and totally helpful! :)

Zura said...

Great stuff Sue! Janome memang banyak accessory that comes with the machine kan? Type 1 foot tu similar to Overcast foot I bought when I did not have a serger dulu, it's for finishing seams using zig zag stitch, the result is better than ziz zag using normal foot. The type 2 tu tak sure pulak perhaps that is an edgestitch foot :)

MyBotanG said...

ween - I'm sure if you go to the machine shop you'll be able to get the foot suitable for your machine model..

Zura - They do come in various styles and sizes (half of which I'm yet to figure out the use). Thanks for the additional info on the foot.. I main agak nyer their purpose.. heheheh will find out more and update..

MamaDaniel said... wow.. saya pun tak pernah jumpa foot ini.. kena korek jugak nih.. mana la letaknya dalam bilik bersepah itu.. hehe.. thanks for sharing sis Zura & cik Sue... :D

Azaidris said...

Right after reading your post, I terus korek all the foot yg ada. In fact, I sew my trim catcher tu pakai foot type 1 tu terus. Suke..suke..suke.. takde senget benget (ermm..kalau ada pun very minimum so boleh diabaikan aje hehehe).

MyBotanG said...

Zila - korek.. jangan tak korek.. hehehe :) but truly useful la these feet.. jahit pun tak stressful

Naza - kann.. really easy to use with great result.. :)

Azaidris said...

And..I hv tried topstitching with foot type 2. I loike!!!! ;)
Thanks Sue for the tips & to Zura too

Nuno Lady said...

wow!! got to korek too..
cant wait to sew for the next project using those new helpers!!
tq zura and sue


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