Thursday, January 13, 2011

Filling patterns

One of my 2011 resolutions is to rearrange my sewing patterns (not that many to begin with) into some sort of a working system. 

When I started sewing and quilting about 2 years back, I compiled a number of free tutorials available on the net or copied down from crafting books from the library, thinking that I'll try each and every one of them soon. I have tried many and discarded many as well and bookmarked some  for future projects, but they are all over the place.. Every time I need a pattern, I'll be going through the whole lot as I do not label them or have a proper cabinet or box to store them in. 

Here's how my sewing patterns have evolved:
1. they appeared as measurement only, every time I'd have to measure and cut my fabric
2. big paper templates - loose pieces under the table or chair and everywhere 
3. paper templates (fold in half) - most used patterns have been laminated stored in clear plastic sleeves without labellings 

I found this superb portable storage solution at Tokyu Hands, it looks like the boring steel accordion-like filing cabinets you find in most offices, but it comes in various funky colours and did I mention it is portable? *grin*

At the moment I just insert all my patterns into different slots in one file. I hope to further improve by separating them according to categories i.e big bags, medium sized bags, clutch and purses, etc. If you have lots more you could have one different colour folder for each category.. yummm!!!  
To get more inspiration on how to organise your sewing library, read The Domestic Diva
How do you store your patterns..?? 

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ween said...

great idea! i seldom keep my pattern as my measurement keeps on changing once i'm back to sew again. so, i have no choice but to draw everything from scratch (-_-")

Azura said...

thanks for the idea

asuhara sue said...

next time pegi sana mesti nak kena singgah Tokyu hands!

MyBotanG said...

Ween - I hopped over to your blog to take a peek at your creation.. fell in love instantly with your polka dot cuffed pants.. wow!! just wished I got the guts to be that bold in my wardrobe.. *sigh*

Azura - my pleasure.. care to share how you do store your patterns..?

Asuhara Sue - You might be able to get something similar from big stationery stores in KL.. may you come here often..??

MamaDaniel said...

Cik Sue.. thanks for sharing.. i'm still looking for a suitable holder.. sekarang ni majalah satu tempat dgn buku, tapi printed pattern bersepah-sepah.. mencari pattern lebih lama daripada menjahit.. hahaha... kena kemas jugak nih.. (>.<)

Bea said...

That portable storage looks neat:)
My sewing patterns are all over the place. Some are folded & stored in A4 files. Quite a few are sandwiched in between pages of my pattern books. I can see pattern pieces peeking through my stack of books. A messy view indeed! :P

MyBotanG said...

Mama Daniel - I agree part mencari pattern lebih lama dr menjahit.. uhuhuhuh tu yg ada azam nak mengemas tahun nie.. plus an excuse to go shopping.. hehehe

Bea - I thought I knew exactly where each and ever pattern was before.. but once it started growing, it got out of hand.. so better to tackle them while they are still manageable..

asuhara sue said...

me and my friend giler p japan. cuma biasanya selang 2-3 tahun kami p sana, dah macam balik kampung lagaknya...padahal semua brg2 mahal2 belaka.

Zura said...

Great post! I still am at the here-there-everywhere stage when it comes to pattern storage. But now I slowly am preserving cut patterns by gluing them to manila cards and hanging them on S hook. Perhaps will blog about this soon :)

fialka012 said...



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