Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm seeing double..

 I'm seeing double... of quilts actually...

My friend commissioned not one but two single sized quilts for her boys. Her instruction was clear, they must be IDENTICAL in every way possible except for their names embroidery. 

This got me sweating.. for few reasons:

1. I always just work with one big quilt at a time, mainly due to SPACE problem 

2. Any attempt to reproduce will never be exactly the same as the first production simply because I detest the idea, to me every item should be unique and special (plus I get bored easily and tend to make alteration and adjustment or use different fabric, etc) *sigh*

But as you can see I did complete the project and they do look identical as far as handmade products are concerned.. 

How did I overcome my concerns..? 

1.SPACE problem, I simply put aside everything else and focussed on the quilts, plus I took over the living room as well.. *grin*

2. I decided to work on both quilt simultaneously, thus avoiding changes and alterations while working on the latter. So each step was repeated twice - cutting and sewing borders x 2, name embroidery x 2, batting, backing and basting x 2, quilting x 2 and finally binding x 2
You might remember the truck fabric from here and here.
The quilt measures about 140cm x 210cm each.
I used light-brown polka-dot fabric for the binding.

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Bea said...

Wow! I can Imagine you moving back & forth finishing those quilts :D I would get dizzy & confused sometimes when repeating certain projects. You did the right thing by doing both quilts simultaneously.

Sha said...

very nice indeed :)

MyBotanG said...

Bea - it was tedious.. I miss spacious Msian homes when I'm working on these quilts.. I do not dare work on anything bigger than single quilts because of the space constraint..

Sha - thank you!!! :)

MamaDaniel said...

hehe.. ini mesti kes anak duduk satu bilik atau anak kembar? apa pun, tahniah.. it's a challenge & u made it!
saya rasa saya pun akan ada difficulties kalo disuruh buat sesuatu yang serupa.. maybe not yet la.. not now.. :)

MyBotanG said...

I thought they were twins at first too.. almost the same size and same look.. but they are not.. but mmg everything kena sama right down to the warna selipar.. :)


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