Friday, June 11, 2010

This is how I do it: Bag Handles

MyBotanG's bag handles varies in length and sizes depending on the type of bags. I used to really hate making handles (I still do, actually), once I even asked a friend (Ayu) to help me with them *hugs* 
But, I've come to terms with this feeling (actually now that I've moved, there are no more kind hearted soul living nearby to be entrusted with the task) *sigh* I now complete the handles first before I start working on the body of the bags, so that once the body is done, I could immediately attach the handles and sew.. *yeayy*

I'd like to share with you how I do my handles. Here goes:

1. Cut fabrics for handles
    a. 1 same fabric if you want the top and bottom to look the same (5" x 17")
b. 2 different pieces of fabric (one from main fabric and one from lining) if you want the handles to have different colours (2" x 20")
2. Cut fusible interface and iron them onto the fabric.
Make sure the glue part (shiny) faces the back of the fabric.
3. Sew one side (for 1 piece fabric handle) and both sides (for 2 separate pieces) 
4. Use loop turner (I get mine from Daiso) to turn the handles inside out
5. Line the edges properly before ironning the already turned handles flat
6. Once flattened, the handles would be crisp and sturdy. Make it pro-like by top-stitching the sides (no pic)
Completed handles on bags
1. D'Lavender bag
2. Two-way tote bag
Do you have other tips or tricks in making handles..?
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d u r a said...

sue,thanks for sharing.
selalunya i sangat malas part turn inside out, i just fold the fabric and topstich it:)
(harap u faham apa yg i tulis ni)

* mis * said...

so kawaii la 2 way tote bag tu! (love the fabric very2 much)

Idayu said... acknowledgemnt nmpk? tenkiu..tenkiu...:)

The petals Patcher said...

sue.....I pun sama je cam dura....ghegheghe....
tapi kaedah u ni kira lebih kemas lagi lah rasanya....:)

Nadhiya ( Nad ) said...

salam.. nk tny, kak sue beli dekat mane fabric2 yg cantek nih? i'm really2 interested.. hehe

MyBotanG said...

Dura & the petals Patcher - i know what you mean, and I think that work just fine as well.. sama aje end product dia.. except mine needs to be turned over while yours need to be pressed for line before sewing.. right??

Ayu - kalau la you are still living nearby.. kan best *sigh*

mis & Nad - i purchase most of my fabies from Nippori, Tokyo - the two way tote bag faby is called KOTO by Alexander Henry, it's kinda my signature faby, but sadly it has been discontinued (I checked with the manufacturer)..

rimbun said...

cantiknya fabrik tuh.... i like

SoNice said...

nak tumpang tanya ni..fusible interfacing yg awk guna tu sama ke ngn interfacing yg org guna wat awning tudung arian tu?tqvm

MyBotanG said...

rimbun - thanks, i like them too :D

SoNice - Sadly I have NO idea what they use in the awning mainly because 1. i'm totally out of the loop about Msian tudung fashion 2. I make my own tudung and I dont use any interfacing in there..
if you go to crafting shop, you can find varieties of interface i.e - thin, medium, thick - choose either medium or thick, i use medium type..


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