Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué Week 2 & 3

Just to refresh our memory, week 2 (18-24 April) task was to trace the pattern on the interface, iron onto the fabrics and cut the pattern out while week 3 (25 April - 1 May) task is to arrange the cut pattern onto the background fabric and iron. 

Here's my progress for week 2:
Though the instruction was to trace the pattern onto the interface first, I obviously went and did it the other way around *silly me* It was messy when I tried to iron the fabric onto the interface before cutting the pattern out *long sigh* but it did turn out OK in the end - cost double the amount of time actually needed if I had followed the instruction properly *roll eyes*

Anyway, I traced the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out first. A point to remember is to have the right sides of both the pattern and the fabric facing together. 

I used my scrap interface collected from all my previous projects (bag making mostly) for this purpose instead of the double sided fusible web
Week 3: 
While arranging the interfaced pattern onto the background fabric, it would be wise to have a copy of the whole pattern underneath the background fabric, as it helps with the placement of each pattern.  

I used handcraft bond (as suggested by Mila) to secure each pattern onto the background fabric. *It was really fun and Sofea was green with jealousy as I didn't allow her to `help' *

And so here you are, all done and waiting for the next and final stage - to appliqué the pieces (2 - 8 May)
Visit our beloved Kak Dee to see the complete project - She turned hers into a wall hanging *lovely* 

Do drop by to see Mila, and as everything with this diligent lady, she did not just make 1 but 2 *OMG* of the appliqué tops with an added little something. Can't wait to see what she will turn them into.   

Visit Ariza, Suzie, Anic and Bea who have completed stage 2 and/or stage 3 of the sew along.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting..     
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Fa'izah [eqin] said...

wah,berseninya akak2 semua....*sgt terpesona*

Bea said...

Love the bright & colourful flowers :). Masa susun2 tu rasa macam buat kolaj kan...hehe

Anic said...

very pretty.. like the colourful, bright and cheerful flowers. The vase is attractive too...

MyBotanG said...

Fa'izah - TQ, it is fun to sew together, great motivation to push yourself :)

Bea - thank you, I got the chance to use up my FQ packs bought lonnngg time ago from the States.. :) You are exactly right, it did feel like I was making a collage, it was so much fun..

Anic - thank you, I had so much fun fussing over the fabrics.. heheheh

MamaDaniel said...

waa... sudah hampir ke garisan penamat nih..

cantik..cantik.. love all the bright and bubbly flowers.. :)

Zila? mmmmmmmmmmm........ (rahsia)

Suzie said...

Come ....visit me...heheheh


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