Friday, April 15, 2011

Button Loop - How to

Do you make button loops? 
I first made them for our reversible bucket bag sew along, the button loop was big and easy to make. The technique used didn't involve any turning through small openings, which was a relieved. 

Next, I made a button loop for a pencase and found the technique used for the reversible bag button loop didn't really work here as the loop had to be smaller and needed to curve nicely. So, here's a simple how to on making a button loop on a bias cut.  
I love them, but the smaller they are the peskier they get
Button Loop - How to
1. Cut a 3" x 3" square (adjust the size of the fabric depending on the length you need)
2. Fold it to form a triangle and sew a straight line along the folded side (adjust the width depending on how wide you want your loop to be)
3. Cut the excess fabric
4. Use a loop turner to turn it inside out 

5. Turn and press

7. Attach 

Now you have a nice and naturally curvy button loop. 
Do you make your loops differently? Care to share?   

Visit Anic for fabulous links to various aspects of the appliqué  techniques. 
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asuhara sue said...

thanks for the tutorial!
but i always use ribbon je nak buat loop ni.

p/s: how's your hanami? urghhhh i love cycling freely in philosopher path.......natsukashii ne~

MyBotanG said...

aaa.. ribbon pun kawaii ne..

p/s - got some hanami pics on my FB, Kyoto is really beautiful (and sesak) in spring..


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