Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diaper Keeper

A clever lady I know requested if I could make a case to hold few diapers and wipes. She even did her research and printed out a sample pattern she found on the internet and lend me 4 pull ups and a new case of wipes for when I make the case. 
Using my sewing case as a guide, I came up with the Diaper Keeper. It has 2 deep pockets inside that fits 4 big pull ups in one pocket and a packet of wipes with a room for something small in another. The case is fully lined and padded and is machine washable. It has an elastic loop for closure. I used Ikea cotton for the exterior fabric and Japanese cotton for the lining.  
For more pictures and information about the Diaper Keeper head over to MyBotanG FB page.  Pin It


Suzie said...

Sue ...cantik...kemas...kalau letak dlm kereta tak de bersepah pampers kan ...

zaza said...

tengah berangan gak nak buat diaper keeper nih..tapi belum berkesempatan agi..

MyBotanG said...

Suzie - thank you, I suppose it is easier to have everything in one place, senang nak capai kan.. *x de anak kecik nie, dah lupa..* heheheh

zaza - all the best.. :)


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