Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project on the go

You might remember my travelling pouch made a year ago. It is my most trusted travelling companion. I have it packed and always ready for a trip. It is packed with the essentials i.e scissors, pins, threads and the current obsession a.k.a project *grin* 

At the moment I'm obsessed with making flower brooches. After the success of making a flower brooch for the reversible bucket bag, I've made another one but this time with 5 petals and adding lace for the backing (as in the Lace Flower) and am now hooked on making more. They are so easy to make and I am able to use up the fabric scraps in my stash. 

Besides trips, I have my pouch with me while I'm lounging in front of the TV or while waiting for Sofea to complete her homework or Kumon and even in the dentist's office. 

What do you do on such occasion? Do you make a list (used to do that as well..), read a book/magazine or plan the weekly menu? Care to share..? 

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Liza A. said...

Usually akan baca mags atau paper while waiting or reads articles yg ada kat tempat tu... :)At the same time dukung baby...dia suka di dukung berdiri than duduk :)

MamaDaniel said...

fabric flower = belum pernah try.
flower brooch = apatah lagi..!


wow.. fabulous la cik sue! part ada lace tu paling saya geram!!

saya ada banyak kotak/container kuih raya..haha.. ikut musim/madness.. ;)
kadang2 bawak hexagon, kadang2 bawak yarn & hook.. tapi kalau balik kampung selalu risau, takut tertinggal.. hahaha...

MyBotanG said...

Liza - With small kids, I am amazed you get so much sewing done.. if I rasa nyer nak pi toilet pun mau miss..uhuhuhuhu

Zila - It is addictive, cannot help it, dah buat satu, mula la terasa nak buat in all the rainbow colours plak... uhuhuhuh :P

*I x penah try hexagon, dunno why but nampak cam susah sangat..*

Mila@Rimbun said...

Adore ur travelling pouch... I think I should have one.. easy for me to bring things to office hahaha.. I always do my crafty thing during lunch hour.. shhh quietly in my room

teringin nak cuba flower brooch.. nampak chomel

Bea said...

I like the traveling pouch that you've made & feels like I should make one too...senang nak bawak pegi mana2 even if duduk depan tv je. Biasa buat hexagon & patchwork yg guna paper template sbb senang jahit tangan je..sometimes flower & fabric yo-yo...mmg benda kecik ni addictive kan :D

MyBotanG said...

Mila - Thank you, join jom jahit time tu, they were making roll pouch kalau x silap.. I can see you quietly crafting in your room during lunch hour.. :D

Bea - It's convenient to have all the essentials in one place, even if you only plan to take it in front of the TV..

*everybody I know has tried this hexagon thingy..kena try jugak la cam gini.. hhhhmmmm*


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