Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué project introduction

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What are we making?
An Appliqué project by Kajsa from Syko of a vase with flowers.

What will we need:

  • Free PDF pattern
  • Step by step instructions from sew mama sew page
  • Double-sided, iron on adhesive with paper backing (also known as fusible web) 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Appliqué foot for sewing machine
  • Black machine embroidery thread
  • Background fabric, 10″x13″
  • Blue fabric for the vase, 6″ x 7″
  • Fabric scraps for the flowers
  • Red & white gingham scrap for the table
Project time-line
1. Print pattern, instruction and choose fabrics - 11 - 17 April (1 week)

2. Trace, iron on fabric and cut - (Instruction 1-2 on instruction page) - 18 - 24 April (1 week)

3. Arrange on background fabric and iron -  (Instruction 3-4 on instruction page) - 25 April - 1 May (1 week)

4. Appliqué the pieces -  (Instruction 6 -7 on instruction page) - 2 - 8 May (1 week) 

1.The project is simple enough even for beginners, and though the instructions are for machine Appliqué, anybody not confident or familiar with sewing machine can still join in and Appliqué with hand. 

2.The project is spread over 4 weeks to allow ample time for everyone to complete each stage and have time for other commitments. If you complete a stage early or complete the whole project at one go, do record your progress of each stage and post pictures for others to view and comment. 

1. Zila
2. MyBotanG
3. Zara
9. faiz
10. Marie
11. Suzie
12. Niza
13. Mila
14. Nurul
15. Anic
16. Azie
17. Nadia
18. Bea 

At the moment 13 15 17 18 crafters have shown interest in joining in the fun, it is never too late to join.. Do leave a comment if you are interested to participate in the sew along.

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Mila@Rimbun said...

Great project to clear out our scraps, especially the small one... Happy sewing everybody.

SewLove said...

k.sue, count me in..nak join gak ^ ^

Sharifah Norizan Syed A Kadir said...

tak dpt nk join.. tapi nnti buat sikit2 la... maybe tak ikut date line...

keep it up sue


Wow...bestnye masa yang diberi cukup panjang.Hope i will be able to do it right!

Anic said...

Hi Sue,

Count me in.. :) I have not done machine applique... It is time to try it out. :)

Thanks for organising this.

MyBotanG said...

morning ladies..
Mila - betul tu.. a good way to to use up the mounting scraps.. and kalau menjadi this first project, it would make a great gift too..

Nurul - will update, thank you for joining..

Pah - no worries, take your time..

the sewing edge a.k.a kak Ros - I was wondering who this is.. :D congratulations on the new place.. looks real grand!! hope to visit you one day.. insyaallah..

Anic - yippeee!!! I was hoping to have you on board.. :D

Azie NZ said...

sue : count me in. nk mencuba gaks for the 1st time buat applique

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Rasa teruja hearing about this Sew Along ... too bad I cant join ... Have Fun Ladies ..!!! and congrats to you Sue for organizing this !


MamaDaniel said...

wah.. dah 15 orang..

p/s: take care.. semalam i heard jepun bergegar lagi..

zaza said...

cam menarik jer...guna pattern yang sedia kat atas tuh eh..nak try gaklah..tapi takut tak sempat ngn date line dia..huhuhu

MyBotanG said...

do give it a try zaza.. slow and steady at your own pace..

Bea said...

Sue, count me in....applique tu sgt cute:) Can't wait to make one myself..Take care.

Rosita Kamis said...

bestnya...baru pertama kali jumpa blog ni...saya nak cuba buat!


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