Saturday, August 14, 2010

Itty Bitty Bella - Baby Quilt

Do you still remember the Marcus fabrics I showcased awhile back??
No, then headover here first to refresh your memory.
Yes, then please read on *grin*
I finally turned the pink itty bitty bella into a baby quilt. It has to be one of my favourites. The colour combination is totally delicious, the cute baby prints in the centre were sweet and I 'traced' over the pattern to emphasise.
The best part has to be the squares around the centre panel.
I made the binding from a matching pink fabric which was on sale here.
I used free quilting motion for this quilt and how better to see the pattern than the back..
As you can see I rarely use patterned or coloured fabrics for the backs.  

What are you working on at the moment..?
I have to say August seems like a QUILT month for me.. I have 4 baby quilts and 2 single quilts waiting to be worked on.. (I know, I know, a bit too ambitious, but after 3 weeks of lazying around without any real sewing, I am excited to be working again) 
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Zura said...

Comelnya Sue...I always love choc n pink combo :) I'm working on dresses for raya rite now, debar2 takut tak sempat siap huhu

Mama Nuriel said...

comey2......yup....the combo of pink and choc looks delicious...I'm finish-up 7 on the list.....waaaaa......cepat2....takut nanti tak sempay jahit baju pula...:p

MyBotanG said...

bestnyer both of you sewing dresses/baju raya.. all the best with the sewing ladies.. and happy fasting..

Mama Nuriel said...

ala sue.....jahit baju anak je.....senget sikit2 tak pe....budak baru belajar cam ni lah....hahahahaha...happy fasting to you too...:)

nur said...

sue, tgk sume ni cantik2..boleh beli ke @ utk tunjuk je?rase cam nak beli je..klu nak beli,nak borong byk...

MyBotanG said...

nur dear, thanks for stopping by, the quilts i make are for sale, but this one is taken. e-mail me for more info kay.


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