Thursday, March 11, 2010

All in one pouch

Being in Japan, our daily expenses are paid in cash. We use credit card for big purchase, travel and hotel booking only. I don't have a cheque book here *gulp* Carrying and managing cash is tricky and stretching it to last takes a lot of practice and strong self-control accompanied by powerful mantras *grin*
I made this all in one pouch to store cash and book banks all in one place. It has 3 zippered compartments which I labelled bank for bank books and resits, food for and etc for petrol, bus fare for Sofea, maintenance fee and etc. The pattern is inspired by my old pouch bought from 100yen shop a while ago. I used canvas remnants from Odekake bag (read about my odekake bag here) for the front and scrap fabric I bought from flea market donkey years ago for the back.  

How do you manage your monthly expenses??
Any tips and tricks??
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gunturina said...

Wow such a nice pouch..

for me I paid the most important bill 1st, then after payday go for food supplies (which last for a month) & carried at most rm50 in my bag. I have few debit card too but no credit card..

Anonymous said...

wow!i like it=D

BoeyJoey said...

Wow, this is so cool! What a great idea... I'm not very careful with money and this would be realy useful. Thanks for the idea :-D.

Malaysia said...

I owned one! Mine is wider. It is practical for me during CNY: 1st pocket for AngPows RM5, 2nd pocket for AngPows RM10... so I wont get them all confused.

color me pretty said...

this is such a great idea. i usually just pop my money in different purses and they tend to get lost or i totally forgot about it! duh !!!

My Botang said...

Thanks for all the kind words on the all in one pouch *happy*

This pouch is inspired by the 'envelope method'(I'll make an entry on it tomorrow)

mama nuriel said... more zip used....:)

Azaidris said...

I'm still using the old envelope method hehe..

MisFyd said...

This is really japan mum's style ;)

For me now, I utilize the online banking (hitorigurashi dakara ne :p).
Auto pay my account for fix bills & important payments (car loans, rent, internet,etc) so I don't need to worry abt it later.

Then budget some for other small bills that is not fix amount including food. In wallet normally hv RM50 or less. Credit card just for big purchases such as flight tickets, hotel booking like you do :) Oh it's for emergency cases too.

Hobby Mummy said... this three-in-one pouch,ermmmm it will do a great job helping me with $$$ :)

Sha said...


this is really good practice for self control over money and budgeting..

can u do this for me please?


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