Thursday, January 21, 2010

August bag

It is named 'August' bag as it was first produced in the summer when my parents came to visit and my sewing studio was taken over by my mom and aunt as their changing room.. I had time on my hand but hardly any sewing space, so I hand sticthed this using a beutiful fabric my friend sent from the US as an exchange for a bento bag I made for her using Japanese cotton.

I love the simplicity of this bag, two rectangles with pleats and 1 oval base. The thing I find annoying is attaching the oval base to the sides, what with the fusible interface getting in the way.. but once it's all done and when you are admiring your handiwork, it's all worth it *smile*
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lia said...

cantik!kemas je..tak nampak mcm jahit tangan pun

My Botang said...

Thanks Lia *hugs*

~ejatie~ said... xleh tempah ke?

My Botang said...

ejatie - Thx for dropping by, I do take tempahan but this fabric dah x de..


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