Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kitchen Goddess.... NOT!!

I'm hopeless in the kitchen..
 I can cook and I do the obligatory cookings..
But I don't bake or try new recipes when I'm bored.
Instead I make kitchen goodies like oven mitt, placemats and potholders.

I made this using moda fabric, I have the fabric in light brown as well. I made placemats, potholders and matching tissue box case.

Another placemat set with matching coaster using japanese cotton.

The oven mitt was part of a set I made here. My first ever mitt *happy*
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color me pretty said...

i lurveeee the kitchen theme fabric for the pot holders. they were turn into really beautiful pieces.

My Botang said...

thanks!! Kokka prints are very cute indeed..

Sharifah said...

cantik... salam kenal ..pah pon ade fabric ni .. lite brown... tak buat ape lg.. :)

My Botang said...

hi Pah, thx for stopping by, i used to have the fabric in both colours.. now tinggal sket jek.. I've seen someone buat dress out of the black faby..cute jugak :D


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