Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kitchen Goddess...NOT!! (Part II)

Everyone needs a functional apron to be able to move freely in the kitchen without worrying about spills and stains on their dress.. I bought mine when I first arrived in Japan in the 100yen shop.. it was ok, but not cute.. so I used it as a pattern and made my first apron. The fabrics were from Moda and I used similar fabric but in black to make these.

Next, I drafted my own pattern and made a reversible apron with ruffles..
I always use the same fabric when I want to try a pattern, and I end up with the not so cute fabric for myself and all the nice pretty ones get made for others.. *sigh*


Back view.. please dont mind my 'manly' mannequin, my hubby rescued it from a dumpster somewhere, still very clean and in a good condition..
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Zura said...

the apron is so cute!! it looks pretty sexy too ;) wow the mannequin is a great find, it looks new to me!

d u r a said...

i love the reversible apron, especially the ruffles.
kalau i punya, sayang nak guna lah--> cantik sangat!

My Botang said...

Thanks Zura and Dura *hugs*
Zura - Byk bende elok-2 diorang buang kat sini, maybe cause umah kecik kot..


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