Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I see Owls

How do you feel about owls? The real bird scares me (with the almost 360 degree head rotation and extra large eyes..) but this print by Robert Kaufman 'forest fun' is fun indeed *grin*
I like Robert Kaufman's designs. You can see more here.
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Zura said...

so cute! i love 'em on fabrics but not sure in real life hehe..

My Botang said...

heheh same here Zura..

Anasfadilah said...

i so love owl..cute creatures..penah tengok tak hedwig kat dalam harry potter, wish i had a p snow owl lah..hahaha

because my love for owl,i also have this robert kauffman owl fabric kat atas tu.sayang nak guna..hehehe

My Botang said...

Erni - thx for stopping by, Hedwig in Harry Porter is an exception.. he is/was a beautiful owl..
I also love this print - i have 4m.. what to make ek?? i used some in my alphabet quilt.. but still got lots.. tamak kan!!


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