Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love U

Fabric - Love U panel by Deb Strain for Moda

Projects planned using this fabric:
1. ABC book
2. Baby quilt
3. Diaper stacker
4. Crib padding

*I may have gone overboard when purchasing the panel, and ended up with some extras (me and fabric = no restraint what-so-ever!!) So if you are interested in the panel, drop me a line..Pin It


CT said...

hye botang,thanks for visit my blog n thanks for the complimetns too..hehe..fabric choices in malaysia terhad la..nak beli designer nye kain takut nnt mahal sgt plak harga produk..huhu..u best la duk kat japan,mesti naik juling bijik mata kalau g kedai kain kan??hihi..by the way u nye fabric choices pn sangat lovely...i like it!!eh,panel ni bape u nak let go?including postage skali?

My Botang said...

Thanks for dropping by. Mmg syiok tak ingat dunia kalau shopping kain..heheh
Love U fabric RM20 per panel.. postage tak termasuk laa.. sorry

BoeyJoey said...

Great choice of fabric... that ABC book and baby quilt will be precious.

I agee with CT... choice of fabric in Malaysia really sucks... florals everywhere, can't even find decent polka dots and stripes, let alone those cute kiddos prints. sigh...

My Botang said...

Thanks dear, can't wait to finish the baby quilt so I could start on the ABC book :D

I've found many Msian online shops offering nice fabrics featured on the craftzone site. Have you bought any?? But, I am most satisfied if I get to feel the texture and see the fabric myself before purchasing..Somehow, the camera doesn't really manage to capture the real thing.. :(


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