Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Confession

The year is still 'NEW,' January is hardly over..and I have already borken my vow to 'abstinate from purchasing anymore fabric untill I use at least half of my stock' (carved here). I should have known my cheating self better..

This is what happened... I was out of a certain canvas fabric to make another similar odekake bag for a friend, so I justified to myself, I only need to purchase 'that' particular fabric for the commision, and harmlessly walked into the fabric shop..

20 minutes later, I came out with a plastic bag full of fabric cuts and a big grin on my face, not yet realising of the sacred vow I have broken.. it only dawned on me on the way back.. feeling guilty I confessed my sin to a dear friend..
Feeling much better after that, I went about my daily activities when the door bell rang.. a parcel has arrived for me.. WHAT!!!! more fabrics, I totally forgot of the online purchase I've made about a week ago...I panicked, what should I do?? return them, keep them, but they are sooooo lovely..

I realise now..I have a BIG problem.. I have no resistence what-so-ever when it comes to fabric.. I buy on impulse and I am able to justify the purchase instantly making it less sinful... uwwwaaaaaaa

What should I do???
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Maya said...

bagi saya! bagi saya! hahaha

Sweetlilcraft said...

aa..buat giveaway lah :)

Cute Philosophy said...

that bag is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!! :D

Zura said...

LOL, woe to you my friend, I can offer no comfort as you sound exactly like me!! Hehe..just bask in their gorgeousness and enjoy, I say. Thers's no point resisting lol. Nanti kot dah banyak sangat jual destash lah Sue :D

MamaDaniel said...

all lovely fabrics... keep what u like and sew as much as u can.. then show it all to us..

TiniHani said...

jual jual jual la sue...
kalau tak nanti u jadi macam Zura...
i dah nak rampok dah kain dia semua tadi hehehe

My Botang said...

Solution to my fabric hording problem:
Just give in and no point resisting :D

Solution to having too many fabrics:
1. Give it away
2. Sell
3. Make more stuff from it

Thanks dear friends for your suggestions!!

Cute philosophy - Thx! I call it Odekake bag - going out bag.


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