Saturday, January 30, 2010

The BACK matters..

My mother and I - 1980, Sg.Besi

My mother used to do a lot of crafting, from sewing clothes to making soft toys when I was growing up. She would almost all the time have some sewing to do while watching TV, or sitting on the verandah in the evening. She also did a lot of cross-stitching, and as I would admire how one X would transform into beautiful flowers or leaves, she would tell me - 'look at the back', and I would, only to find instead of Xxxx there would only be neat rows of IIII.. and she would tell me that the back mattered as much as the front.. 

Appliqued placemat - front view

Appliqued placemat - back view

And this theory stuck with me.. though I don't do cross-stitch, what ever other items I make, I'll make sure to turn and look at the back, to admire the neat stitches and the pattern the back creates on quilts and also to make sure it is as neat as the front.. because the BACK matters..
Green baby quilt (blogged here)

Single bed wagon wheel quilt (more here)
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neeza said...

yup, the back is important as the front..

when i did the embroidery stitches my hubby suka sungguh tengok belakang, nasib la kemas.. hehehe

Idayu said...

comeiinya cik sona...tpkn mak dia lg comei!

Zura said...

My mom used to do a lot of crafting too, and in those years I never thought I'd do the same in my 30's lol

Gorgeous quilts! Sue, now that I'm facsinated with quilting, I find them all very artistic and beautiful! Yup the back really matters, I agree with you. Nak belajar from you gak ni coz ada baby blanket project coming up.

And that little you, ala ala comeynya're so adorable! :D

My Botang said...

neeza - hope you would show the back of your embroiderry to us too.. nak tengokk!! :D

Idayu - tengkiu.. my mom has the prettiest smile *grin*

Zura - kan.. i pun tak tersangka i'll be following in her footsteps
Thanks, wished I had more time to sit and do more patchwork and applique quilt rather than machine quilts.. I'll be glad to help in anyway I can :D
*blush* tengkiu.. sampai sekarang pun adorable jugak.. hahahahahahah

aniza said...

I used to be a cross stitcher and I know the back of the work is crucial to some ...but I'm here to say that your work is beautifully handmade. My mother isn't like yours but both my grandmothers were good needlecrafters.

My Botang said...

aniza - again thanks for your kind words..


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