Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fabric Scrap series - Patchwork Pencase

I had wanted to make a pencase for myself since the zip on my old pencase broke and this happened a year back.. Just imagine!! I've been carrying the same pencase with broken zip this past year..*roll eyes* I was too proud to buy one knowing that I could make one, but at the same time couldn't find the time to spare for myself.. The thing is I am intimidated when it comes to trying new pattern or design.. *sigh*

However, my fabric scraps projects gave me a chance to come up with the idea of making a quilted patchwork pencase. It was really fun working with all those scraps - matching and sewing *grin* 
Fully lined with no seams showing. Did you notice the lining is sewn backward, silly me!! but I was too lazy to take it apart *grin*
Verdict: Definitely will try making more (with the lining sewn correctly.. I hope)

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