Monday, May 10, 2010

This is how I do it - Pleated Pocket

Like with all pleats, besides being cute, it adds room. So a pleated pocket is roomier than the usual patch pocket. This is my first attempt at making pleated pocket and thought I'd show you how I did it.
Find more tutorials on how to go about making pleated pockets here.

First, cut your fabric, I used a round plate to draw and cut it in half  
Next, fold your fabric in half to get the centre line and open, you can now fold the pleats.
Decide on the type of pleats you want and the size of the pleats.
Put you half moon fabric aside, measure and cut the tape for the pocket top.
Adjust the width of the tape according to your preference.
 I have added bias tape around the pocket at this point before attaching the top part to the half moon.
Allign the top tape to the main body before sewing
Once you have attached the two sections, open and press the tape open and topstitch.
Turn and fold the tape (like you are making bias tape)
Place the pocket to the main body. Secure with pins.
As you can see, I made this pocket for the apron I made recently here
Once satisfied, sew around the pocket, remember to remove pin as you sew. And you are done.
Note: The thing that I would do differently the next time would be to lined and add fusible to my pockets, which would make sewing easier as it would be studier.
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a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

ahhh .. i will one day make one like this ..insyaAllah ..

even though it will take some time .. haha


cikgu su said...

salam perkenalan....
love ur blog....
so many inspirations....

My Botang said...

Annique - cant wait to see your latest projects.. love your handwork

cikgu su - thanks for dropping by, hope you can stay :D

Malaysia said...

oh thanks.


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