Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More KOKKA sweetness

Among the many Matroyshka fabric patterns out there, I'd have to say Trefle KOKKA, Russian Matroyshka Nesting Dolls is my favourite.
More pics here

 I recently cut 2 dolls from my 2m stash, with right side facing sew around the doll with small openning at the bottom for turning and filling. I used scrap batting to fill the doll up.
Tadaaaaaa.. my new pincushion *grin*

My girl has requested one with strap to hang on her bag... *hhhmmm*

Do you have this fabric? What have you made out of it?
or What would you make if you had some..?

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Azaidris said...

Pin cushion? Sian nye doll tu nnti kena cucuk2 hehehe..

Aisyah Helga said...

I love Matryoshka dolls! And love this pattern,too. If I had them I'd make lavender sachets. Sweet!

Emy Ahmad said...

so cute..i want one..
btw nice blog..keep on updating..

Malaysia said...

How I wish I could have this fabric. I would as well make it into dolls. I will place a jingle bell inside the doll.

Malaysia said...

I could paste this doll on a card and it become 3D greeting card :)

lia said...

ala comeinya!!


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