Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Truck Quilt

I finished this baby truck quilt a couple of days ago and I always handwash and iron my quilts before packing and sending them to the rightful owners mainly because it allows me to detect loose threads or other things that I might have missed while sewing. Besides, the owner can start using the quilt immediately once it arrives.
If you noticed, I made similar quilt a while back - it was a single bed sized which is about 140cm x 210cm while this baby quilt is about 80cm x 120cm (read more about the quilt here).
The backing for the quilt is plain white cotton and I made the binding from my fabric scraps.

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mama nuriel said...

sue....chomel la.....i like.....dalam dia guna fiber batting ke? tanya je.....huhuhu

My Botang said...

Thx dear, yup ada batting kat tengah.

Liana said...

very cute quilt! mcm ni bape rm?

My Botang said...

Liana - Thx for dropping by, I left a msg in your shoutbox.

Rasafah Resources said...

salam..akak, saya baru kena virus quilt ni..klu nk buat baby quilt ni...sewing machine yg mcm mn ya? sy tgh usha machine utk home use..klu bleh dpt buat baby quilt..

Fidah said...

Ameerah loves this quilt so much! Now she uses it as her favourite blanky :)

butique4u said...

as salam,
very nice handmade especially this baby truck quilt! is this for sale?
so cute :)


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