Friday, May 28, 2010

When I'm at lost for words..

As I'm sitting here fiddling and contemplating with what to write, I'm actually feeling rather nostalgic and myheart is swelling as I am at the verge of wailing my heart out.. My little baby girl is 8 today.. *sob* However, fearing you might roll your eyes at yet another story of how I was in 13 hour labour..yadaaa..yadaaa..yadaaa.. Thought I'd skip all that and show you some pics instead - not relating to sewing or craft but more of inspiration and relaxation which I think essential for crafters *grin*

Here I am trying my best to find the stairways to heaven, though seriously I just got dizzy and felt like I might tumble down the slope.. uhuhuh It's some belief that at this particular spot high on the hill if you bend down and look from between your legs you would see the stairways to heaven..
Koinobori - a festival celebrated in May marking children's day, where many houses will hang koi fish. The number of fish correlates with the number of family members - 2 big kois a.k.a parents, and 3 small kois a.k.a kids. Though we dont have this fancy kois, we did hang them one year, made from paper by Sofea in her kindy *where has 8 years gone...waaaaaaaaa* 
Craft shop - aha!! something related to sewing and craft (fuuuh!!) I get giddy with excitement when I find such shops, not that I purchase anything (handmade items are very expensive here) but just going around the tiny shop, looking at all those tiny stuffed fabric frog really satisfy my artistic need *theee heheh heheh* 

and last but not least, 'keropok lekor' here in Japan, seriosly!! on a bamboo stick minus the yummy dipping sauce.. oh how I miss Malaysia *sob* and yes, that's my hubby, though he has never said it out loud, I know he feels left out.. *coy smile*

Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs and kisses for your lil ones.. before you know it, they are off to U and the house is empty and it's just you and your hubby all over again *wail*
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Azaidris said...

Happy 8th birthday to Sofea!!! :)

I think i know why diaorg kata can see the staircase to heaven..Sbb..IF tergolek down the slope & tak 'bangun' lagi dah..for sure can see one..hahahah (kalau tak nmpk staircase ke tempat lg satu tuh). A really bad joke for such a beautiful morning...*sorry* ;)

Ermm..keropok lekor ke tuh? Ikang? Bamboo tu cm lg besar dr kepok nye...

Rozi Rahman said...

Happy birthday Sofea :)

Bila nak beradik? Japan practise 1 child policy ke? I thought that’s only in China.

Suhaila Tahir said...

Hepi birthday Sofea!!

mama nuriel said...

hmmm...happy birtday sofea...:).....

eh, klu kat malaysia, bukankah aktiviti tgk between our leg tu bila kita nak confirmkan makhluk tu hantu atau pun tak???? klu kaki dia jijak tanah manusia.....klu tak? Hantu....hehehe....tu yang saya tau la....ghegheghe

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Wishing Happy Birthday To Sofea !!! Many happy returns to her ....

What did you see bending ?



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