Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Finds

We had a small get together at our home to celebrate our girl's 8th birthday

We wondered to a big indoor flea market nearby..
and look what I brought back with me *grin*
A 'lemari kaca' which is actually a music box *grin* 
and 3 stamps with teapots and teacups,
the music box and stamps all for mere 500yen (about RM20)

On the way back we stopped at a recycle shop..
I could have died with excitement when I saw this.. *happy beyond belief*
Brother - Fairline
6500yen (about RM260)
It was love at first sight *heart* It's in very good working condition, and very clean. We brought it back (my hubby did actually - I just cleared the way), that's when I realised I need to take over the living room as my sewing studio *hhmmmm* The best thing bout it is it's NOT fancy at buttons, no fancy stitches, no extra foot.. NOTHING.. and I'm very happy for that.. *hugs*

I can't seem to find any info/manual on the net.. Anybody out there has any info?? Please share.. 
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MisFyd said...

So nice have new (old) sewing machine!!!
Wish I have one now...tonnes of project I wanna do with a sewing machine....I even don't mind having the old style foot work sewing machine *sigh =(

I tried searched in the net for the model in brothers website & it only came out a notice list for asbestos sewing machine (not sure the details)
I hope your machine is ok.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Wahh bestnya Sofea .. bday dapat hadiah macam2 ... lemari la mesin jahit la ... *hehehehe* bday Sofea ka bday mak dia nih ... keh keh keh

Malaysia said...

happy birthday to your girl

Malaysia said...

Is this your 2nd sewing machine?

Idayu said...

happy birthday sofea....from ari chan n dada chan

MyBotanG said...

Fyd - Thx for the link dear. Will ask hubby to follow up with the Brother ppl.. lets wait and see (fingers cross).

Jess - This is my THIRD sewing machine.. hmmm

Ayu - Tengkiu for the wish..

MyBotanG said...

annique - it's actually lets-thank-mom-for-carrying-me-for-9-months-and-raising-me-day :P

Rafidah Ahmad said...

geee....i've been following ur blog...just love it so much..and can't help myself from getting excited with the brother machine too hehehe

MyBotanG said...

Rafidah from pinkshoelover - thanks for your comment and your kind words :D I feel like a child with a new toy.. hhehe

neeza said...

best nyer mesin ni.. neat.. i loike

*~ryuhei~* said...

singa kat atas kek sofea sangat mirip singa dalam katun bleach :)) kak sue dpt new sewing machine bole la buat extra production he he...


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