Sunday, May 23, 2010

Japan = Hello Kitty & Doraemon

Do you love characters' prints?? like Disney, Pooh, Mickey,etc?? I don't actually *sigh* 
They are overpriced which many can't afford which in turn makes people opt for immitations which is more horrible as the fabric quality is compromised and sewing those fabric usually doesn't produce the satisfaction they ought to *double sigh*

I've had these Doraemon and Kitty fabric in my stash since last year. Originally bought for baby quilts, and I did produce 1 baby quilt from the Doraemon faby. A friend saw the faby in my album and requested some bags made out of them.. and just between you and me, I love how they came out *grin*  
I made a bento with handle (RM35) and a quilted multipurpose bag (RM100) out of the remainning Doraemon faby.
And, I also made a set bag (RM120) consisting of a multipurpose bag, a bento bag with drawstring and a bento bag with zip from the Kitty fabric.
Any fabric in your stash that you're not too keen on but secretly loving?? (sounds like a scandal.. heheh)
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lia said...

cantik..cantik..cantik..especially yang Hello Kitty tu!

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

i love the Doraemon !!! the kitty is a bit striking .. is it really that red ..? or is it supposed to be pink (must be my monitor then) .... hmmm scandal with your own fabrics... how cute..


MyBotanG said...

lia - thanks! I love the kitty as well..

anique - It is really that RED!! *I'm having a not so secret affair with my fabrics.. very rewarding indeed :D*


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